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Greece Unit Test

2016 Greece Unit Test

Zeus GREEK NAME king of the gods whose symbols include a lightning bolt
Hera GREEK NAME wife to Zeus, queen of the gods, her symbols include the peacock and pomegranate
Demeter GREEK NAME goddess of grain and agriculture
Artemis GREEK NAME goddess of the moon and the hunt, her symbols include silver arrows
Athena GREEK NAME goddess of war and wisdom, her symbols include the owl and olive branch
Ares GREEK NAME god of war and warlike frenzy
Hermes GREEK NAME messenger of the gods, famous for his winged sandals/hat
Haphaestos GREEK NAME god of craftsmen who works at the forge with a hammer and anvil
Dionysus GREEK NAME god of wine and celebrations
Apollo GREEK AND ROMAN NAME god of the sun, prophecy, music, and healing
Aphrodite GREEK NAME goddess of love and beauty whose symbols include the dove and roses
Poseidon GREEK NAME god of the sea, symbols include his powerful trident and horses
Hades GREEK NAME god of the underworld
Allusion a reference to some piece of knowledge (like mythology) that the reader is expected to know and understand (ex. Venus razor)
Illusion something that deceives by creating a false/misleading impression of reality (ex. seeing a ghost or magic trick)
promethean creative, boldy original (can you explain the allusion?)
Pandora's box a situation where you end up in more trouble than before (can you explain the allusion?)
arachnids or arachnophobia spiders or a fear of spiders (can you explain the allusion?)
sisyphean endless or tortuous task (can you explain the allusion?)
narcissistic self love, vanity, arrogance (can you explain the allusion?)
common items in a Greek diet lamb, seafood, olives, and cheese
religion in Greece today EASTERN or Greek Orthodox (form of Christianity)
two major disasters the Greek environment is vunerable to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
government in Greece today democracy with a president
current president of Greece today Papoulias
currency in Greece today euro
capital of Greece today Athens
Created by: schencktj