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Moose Imperialism


Who created a nation in central Africa to prevent Europeans from taking over? Shaka Zulu
Why did European countries compete to control lands in Africa? For raw materials and new markets
Why did Theodore Roosevelt establish the U.S. as a police force? For U.S. domination in the Western Hemisphere
Who pressured Japan to open up trade with the U.S. Matthew Perry
What did imperialist countries look for most in a colony? natural resources
How did the U.S. gain control over Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines? Winning the Spanish American War
Where did the Zulu War take place? Africa
How did this new imperialism rise? Nationalism and Industrial Revolution
How did technology and communication affect the outcome of the Russo-Japanese War? Japan was modernized
Why did the "sun never set on the British empire?" They had colonies all over the world
What two African countries were independent in 1914? Liberia and Ethopia
What is imperialism? Foreign policy of expanding borders and setting up colonies
What natural resource was on the lands inhabited by the Boers? Gold
In what conflict did the Chinese try to get rid of foreign influences? Boxer Rebellion
What previous declaration did Pres. Roosevelt use to justify the Panama Canal? Monroe Doctrine
On which continent were most empires were based? Europe
On which two continents were most colonies located? Asia and Africa
What motive was the basis for imperialist countries who wanted to control as much of the world as possible? Political
What motive was the basis for imperialist countries who wanted to Christianize people? Religious
What motive was the basis for imperialist countries who wanted to enlighten backwards people? Cultural
What motive was the basis for imperialist countries who wanted to maintain national security? Military
Created by: camoose