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Stack #55257

Ear Vocab

audiometer an electronic device that prodices acoustic stimuli of a known frequency and intensity
audiometry the use of an audiometer to measure hearing
auditory ossicles three small bones found in the middle ear. These bones transmit the sound waves from the eardrum to the inner ear by vibration
auricle also known as the pinna; the external portion of the ear
binaural testing involving both ears
cerumen also known as earwax, is secreted by ceruminous glands that line the auditory canal
cochlea the spiral-shaped passage that leads from the oval window
deafness the complete or partial loss of the ability to hear
eustachian tubes also known as the auditory tubes; narrow tubes which lead from the middle ear to the nasopharynx, equalize the air pressure in the middle ear with that of the outside atmosphere
incus one of the auditory ossicles; also known as the anvil
labyrinthistis an inflammation of the labyrinth resulting in vertigo
malleus one of the auditory ossicles; also known as the hammer
mastoidectomy the surgical removal of mastoid cells
mastoiditis an inflammation of any part of the mastoid process
monaural testing involving one ear
myringectomy also known as tympanectomy; is the surgical removal of all or part of the tympanic membrane
myringitis inflammation of the tympanic membrane
myringotomy the surgical incision of the eardrum to create an opening for the placement of tympanostomy tubes
otalgia also known as an earache; pain in the ear
otitis means any inflammation of the ear
otosclerosis ankylosis of the bones of the middle ear resulting in a conductive hearing loss
otomycosis also known as swimmer’s ear; a fungal infection of the external auditory canal
otoplasty the surgical repair of the pinna of the ear
otopyorrhea the flow of pus from the ear
otorrhagia bleeding from the ear
presbycusis a progressive hearing loss occurring in old age
stapedectomy the surgical removal of the stapes
stapes one of the auditory ossicles; also known as the stirrup
tinnitus a ringing, buzzing, or roaring sound in the ears
tympanic membrane also known as the eardrum; it is located between the outer and middle ear
tympanocentensis the surgical puncture the tympanic membrane with a needle to remove fluid from the middle ear
tympanometry the indirect measurement of acoustical energy absorbed or reflected by the middle ear
tympanoplasty the surgical correction of a damaged middle ear
vertigo a sense of whirling, dizziness, and the loss of balance
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