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APWH Study Material

APWH Flashcards

Akbar Reigned 1556-1624 AD; Ruled over the Mungal Empire in present-day India
Columbian Exchange Also called the Triangular trade; slaves, animals, and plants were traded between Europe, Africa, and the New World
Conquistadors They led Spanish conquests of the New World
Constantinople Founded in 330 AD in the Byzantine Empire; Ottoman Empire took control of this city in 1453
Creoles Spaniards that were born in the Americas
Fixed Winds The winds across the Atlantic Ocean that blew in certain directions that could be predicted
Great Dying Reffers to the deaths of thousands of Native Americans during the colonization of the New World
Jizya An Islamic tax
Zunghars A state amoung the western Mongols that revived Chinese memories of the Mongol conquest; created during the late seventh century
Merchantilism The selling or buying of goods
Mestizo Means mixed-race
Mungal Empire An empire located in present-day India that lasted from ___ to ___ AD
Ottoman Empire This empire was located in northern Africa and southern Europe; lasted from _____ to ____ AD
Peninulares Spaniards that were born in Spain
Plantation Complex k
Qing Dynasty A dynasty of China that greatly expanded China's borders; from ___ to ____
Settler Colonies k
Siberia The region of land on the northern borders of present-day Russia
Yasak A tribute paid to the Russian Tzar to show loyalty after being conquered by Russia
Yi Dynasty 1392-1910 AD P.253 Strayer
Why did Africa not have a common cultural identity during the classical era? Large size of Africa Environmental variation Most tropical continent Shaped by Eurasia and Arabia Ch. 7 Strayer
Ionia The Anatolian seacoast Exam 2
Teotihuacan: America's greatest city Founded circa 150 BC Population was 100,000-200,000 by 550 CE Specialized Artisans Aztecs named the city Teotihuacan The name means "the City of the Gods" Mysteriously collapsed circa 650 CE Ch. 7
Olympic Games First games in 776 BC Occurs every 4 years Nations stop their disputes to take part Exam 2
Some civilizations of the Andes Nazca Huair Chimu Ch. 7
Plebians Lower class people of Athens Exan 2
Ahura Mazda Persian God Source of all truth, light, and goodness In cosmic struggle with Angra Mainyu Zoroastrianism Exan 2
Angra Mainyu The Persian God of Evil Zoroastrianism Exam 2
Pax Romana Roman Peace The era of imperial Rome's greatest extent and greatest authority Exam 2
Battle of Marathon During the Grco-Persian Wars 490 BC Exan 2
Peloponnesian War 431-404 BC War Between Athens and Sparta after the Greco-Persian Wars Exam 2
Mandate of Heaven The rule by which Chinese Emporers ruled China Governing by moral normalities of Confucian values If a disaster struck China then the Emporer was said to have lost the Mandate of Heaven
Herodotus A Greek historian Stated that "there is no nation that so readily adopts foreign costoms." Exam 2
Hoplite Greek infantrymen Exam 2
Persepolis The Persian Empires ancient capital
Persian Empire Persia's postal service is much like the United Statess postal survice Exam 2
Wudi Reigned 141-87 BC Han Dynasty emporer Established an imperial academy Exam 2
Yellow Turban Rebellion 184-204 AD The rebellion of impoverished people in China Exam 2
Greco-Persian Wars 490-479 BC War between Greece and Persia Greece finally won and the Persian Empire fell Exam 2
Qin Shihuangdi Reigned 221-210 BC China's first emporer Shihuangdhi means "first emporer" Unified all of China Only ruler of Qin Dynasty Exam 2
Meroe Almost as old as Egypt Ruled by all-powerful monarch (female) Crafting specialization Rural areas were farmers and herders Major long-distance trade was the source of their wealth and power Declined after 100 CE due to deforestation and conquest of Axum
Axum Present-day Erirtea Christian Kingdom King Ezana adopted Christianity in fourth century AD 300-700 AD the borders reached Mecca by 571 the decline of Axum followed; revival of state centuries later, but further south Ch. 7 Strayer
Civilizations of the Andes Chavin; Moche Ch. 7 Strayer
Qin Dynasty 221-206 BC Qin Shinhuanghi was the main ruler The Great Wall of China was built Ch. 7 Strayer
World population at the begining of common era 250 million Ch 7 Strayer
Classical Civilizations in Africa Meroe; Axum; Niger River Valley; Bantu Ch. 7 Strayer
Classical Civilizations in the Americas Ancestral Pueblo; Maya; Moche; Inca; Aztec; Mound Builders of the Eastern Woodlands; Ch. 7 Strayer
Xiongnu Nomadic Confederacy; Great Wall of China was built to keep these peoples out of China; Exam 2
Bantu Africa Over time 400 Bantu languages emerged; Spread to Eastern and Southern Africa; Advantages: Numbers-Agriculture allowed for large population Disease-Brought disease to people w/o immunities Iron-Better supplies and weapons; Ch. 7 Strayer
Solon In 594 he pushed Athenian politics toward democracy; Leader of Athens; Exam 2
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