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Who is Who - Massage

ASHA - Swedish Massage - Who's Who

Hippocrates Father of medicine. Described the use of massage and anointing.
Julius Caesar used massage to relieve neuralgia and prevent epileptic attacks.
Ambrose Pare used massage techniques to promote wound healing after surgery
Per Henrick Ling The Father of Swedish massage.
Ray Nimmo, D.C. taught Paul St. John triggerpoint therapy
Ida Rolf founded the Guild of Structural Integration
Dr. Johann Mezger credited with making massage a functional component of physical rehabilitation
Dr. Johann Mezger introduced the terminology we use for massage today
Charles and George Taylor introduced the Ling System to the United States
Dr. Charles Mills a prominent neurologist and massage advocate in Philadelphia; levied sharp criticism concerning the uneven quality of massage practitioners
Paul St. John studied neuromuscular therapy under Nimmo at Palmer College of Chiro. Later developed NMT as taught at A.S.H.A.
Dr. Wilhelm Reich settled in U.S. considered to be the founder of psychotherapeutic bodywork. Bio energetics is based on his work.
Leon Chaitow, D.O. one of the osteopaths in Europe to develop Muscular Energy Techniques
Dr. John Kellogg founder of Battle Creek Sanitatium; wrote dozens of articles and 2 textbooks on the use of massage and hydrotherapy
Dr. Tiffany Field founded The Touch Research Institute
Francis Tappan & Gertrude Beard Wrote articles & books on massage techniques.
Melzak Proposed a theory on endorphin release and hyper stimulation analgesia
Dr. Jim Gabriel Founded the Academy of Somatic Healing Arts (A.S.H.A.); ASHA's curriculum was the first to include NMT & an in-depth study of three major massage techniques - Swedish, Sports, and NMT.
Created by: deb0120