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Respiration system

Auscultation Listening to sounds made by various body structures and functions as a diagnostic method, usually with a stethoscope
Bronchogram A radiographic visualization of a brunchus
Bronchoscopy Inspection of the interior of the tracheobronchial tree through a endoscope
Computed Tomography Imaging anatomic information from cross-sectional plane of body, each image generated by a computer synthesis of x-ray transmission data obtained in many different directions in a given plane
Laryngectomy Excision of the larynx
Laryngoscopy Inspection of the larynx by means of the endoscope
Magnetic Resonance Imaging A diagnostic modality in which magnetic neclei (protons) of a patient are aligned in a strong, uniform magentic field, absorb energy from tuned radiofrequency pulses, emit radiofrequency signals as their excitation decays, converted into tomographic image
Mantoux test A dermatologic procedure in which tuberculin or its purified protein derivative (PPD) is injected into skin, the test is read on basis of local induration occurring in 48-72 hours
Paracentesis The passage into a cavity of a trocar and cannula, needle, or other hollow instrument for the purpose of removing fluid
Pneumonectomy Removal of all pulmonary lobes from a lung in one operation
Rhinoplasty Repair of a defect of the nose with tissue taken from elsewhere
Sinuscopy Inspection of the sinus cavities by means of the endoscope
Sinusotomy Incision into a sinus
Septoplasty Operation to correct defets or deformities of nasal septum, often by alteration or partial removal of supporting structures
Spirometry Machine to measure pulmonary gases and lung capacity
Thoracentesis Paracentesis of the pleural cavity
Tracheotomy The operation of creating an opening into the trachea
Ventilator A mechanical device designed to perform part or all of the work of respiration, i.e. moving gas into and out of lungs
Antispasmodics An agent that prevents or alleviating muscle spasms
Antitussives A cough remedy
Bronchodilators An agent that causing an increase in caliber of a bronchus
Cauterization The act of using an agent or device used for scarring, burning, or cutting the skin or other tissues by means of heat, cold, electric current or caustic chemicals
Decongestants An agent that reduces congestion
Endotrachial intubation Passage of a tube through nose or mouth into the trachea for maintenance of the airway during anesthesia or for maintenance of an imperiled airway
Expectorants An agent that thins respiratory tract mucus and promotes its removal from the tracheobronchial passages
Humidifier A device for increasing the water vapor content of a gas or an ambient air
Ligation A thread, wire, fillet or the like tied tightly around a blood vessel, the pedicle of a tumor or other structure to constrict it
Mucolytics Capable of dissolving, digesting or liquifying mucus
Nasotracheal intubation A tracheal tube inserted through the nasal passages
Resection Procedure performed for the specific purpose of removal of a significant part of an organ or bodiy structure; may be partial or complete
Vaporizer An apparatus for reducing medicated liquids to a gaseous state suitable for inhalation or application to accessible mucous membranes
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