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Cardiovascular - blood systems

Angioplasty Reconstitution of recanalization of blood vessel; may involve balloon dilation, mechanical stripping of intima, forceful injection of fibrinolytics or placement of a stent
Antiarrhythmic A drug with an action antagonistic to that of a loss of rhythm of the heartbeat
Anticoagulants An agent having such action to prevent coagulation
Antiembolic stockings Specially fitted elastic stockings used to compress lower extremities, reduce blood pooling, and promote venous return, thus reducing risk of thrombus formation
Antihypertensives Indicating a drug or mode of treatment that reduces the blood pressure
Antilipidemic Indicating a drug that reduces the production of or absorption of cholesterol, fatty acids
Aortoplasty A procedure for surgical repair of the aorta
Arthrectomy Excision of atheromatous plaque from within an artery, utilizing a flexible catheter that selectively cuts away or pulverizes tissue buildup
Buerger-Allen exercises Postural rhythmic raising & lowering of lower extremities to enhance circulation to the lower extremities
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Restoration of cardiac output and pulmonary ventilation following cardiac arrest and apnea, using artificial respiration and manual closed chest compression or open chest cardiac massage
Cardioversion Restoration of the heart's rhythm to normal by electrical countershock
Chemotherapy Treatment of disease by means of chemical substances or drugs; usually used in reference to neoplastic disease
Commissurotomy Surgical division of any commissure, fibrous band, or ring using surgery or a balloon catheter technique
Coronary Artery By-Pass Graft (CABG) A surgical procedure in which damaged sections of coronary arteries are replaced with new articular of venous grafting to increase rate of cardiac blood flow
Corticosteroids A corticoid containing a steroid
Defibrillation The arrest of fibrillation of the cardiac muscle (atrial or ventricular) with restoration of the normal rhythm
Diuretics An agent that increases the amount of urine excreted
Fowler's position A recumbent position in which the head of the bed is elevated 45-60 degrees above level
Paracardiocentesis The passage into a cavity of a trocar and cannula, needle, or other hollow instrument for purpose of removing fluid from pericardial sac
Phlebectomy Excision of a segment of a vein, sometimes performed to cure varicose veins
Phlebotomy Incision into a vein for the purpose of drawing blood
Transfusion Transfer of blood or a blood component from one person (donor) to another (recipient)
Thrombolytic A drug with an action to break up or dissolving a thrombus
Vasoconstrictors A drug with an action to reduce the caliber of blood vessel due to contraction of smooth muscle fibers in the tunica media leading to decreased blood blow to a part
Vasodilator A drug with an action to increase in the caliber of a blood vessel due to relaxation of smooth muscle fibers in the tunica media. This increases blood flow but decreases systemic vascular resistance.
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