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Mr. Mauthe's Great Thinker's study from Herasies (test 1)

definition of orthodox correct belief
definition of heterodox of different belief
definition of doctrinal diversity many different teachings; a period of wide variety of religious beliefs within the Church
definition of genealogies the bloodline of a family
definition of rhetoric the art or study of using language
definition of expounders explained or interpreted
definition of pretense active pretending or simulation
definition of demiurge a god credited with the creation of the world
definition of portentous significant or indicative
definition of transgress to violate a law; to "sin"
definition of apostasy leaving one's faith
definition of vainglory excessive elation or pride over on'e achievements, abilities, etc; vanity
definition of episcopate the collective body of bishops
definition of heretical contrary to Church teachings; against the Church
definition of perversity willingly determined to go against what is expected or desired; to behave in an unacceptable way
definition of aeon aka (eon); a period of time
who is a writer of the theory of Gnosticism Valentinus (c. 175 ce)
1 of the 2 biggest herasies about Jesus Gnosticism
basic belief: world creation is corrupt & evil therefore there is a struggle between God & evil therefore Jesus was never human Gnosticism
this theory started as a rejection of God as creator of the world (if God is good then why is there suffering, pain, & evil; if God created the body, why do we decay) Gnosticism
says the God of Christians/Jews wasn't the True God but rather a demiruge Gnosticism
Jesus as "gnosis" knowledge bearer (He brings the knowledge of how to escape physical body & soul goes to the True God; Jesus reveals the True God, not the creator; knowledge of the True God allows one to understand the original harmony of the cosmos Gnostisicm
definition of cosmos universe without the world in it
Christ saves by giving a "cosmic password" to guide the soul to the True God Gnosticism
rejects Jesus' humanity (if flesh is sinful & weak God can't be human; Christ cannot physically suffer b/c he isn't human {he was play acting by God, docetism}) Gnosticism; Apollinariainism
bishop in Lyons France who responded to Gnosticism Irenaeus (died c. 202)
Rule of Faith (invented by Irenaeus) -always look to the oldest Christian communities (founded by Apostles) to settle disputes -precurser to Pope having lots of power, authority, & being head of the Church
orthodox response to Gnosticism -by Irenaeus -Jesus' humanity has always been accepted by the Church because it's taught by the oldest Churches -no secret knowledge because the bishops don't have it and Irenaeus (being a bishop) would then know it
why was Gnosticism a threat to the role of tradition in the Church? it questioned the authority of the bishops & the Apostles
Who was the main teacher of Arianism Arius (a priest)
definition of begotten coming from the same sbustance
definition of made of different substances; composed of different substances
-Jesus is God's greatest creation ("there was a time when Jesus was not") -Jesus is not God but Jesus is savior & Messiah -Jesus is the greatest human Arianism
What heresy did Athanasius oppose? Arianism
Athanasius's response -Jesus did both human & divine acts (He spits but His spit heals) -dual nature of Christ
definition of dual nature of Christ the understanding that Jesus was totally human & totally divine
which heresy outwardly denies the divinity of Jesus Arianism
believed God existed before Jesus Arianism
why did Apollinarius find it impossible that Jesus could possess both a human & a divine mind? -human mind: changes, doubts, learns -divine mind: unchanging, no doubts, omniscient
main teacher of Apollinarianism Apollinarius
Jesus doesn't have a human mind Apollinarius
human mind vs. divine mind -human mind: changes, doubts, learns -divine mind: unchanging, no doubts, omniscient
response to Apollinarianism Gregory of Nazianzus; Leo the Great
"what has not been assumed has not been healed" Gregory (Jesus needed to have a human mind in order to heal the human mind/to forgive sins of the mind)
"totus in sois, totus in nostris" "totally Himself (God), totally like us (human)" Leo the Great (Jesus entirely assumed both natures (human/divine) in one person
main teacher of Nestorianism Nestorius
God existed before Mary and is too great to be confined to a human womb Nestorianism
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