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AP world history

AP world history review

Francisco Pizarro Led his men on a false start to the conquest of the Inca Empire, which was already weakened by a long civil war; 200 Spaniards and Indian allies conquered
Hernan Cortes Killed Montezuma II then had to fell the Aztec Empire and Tenochtitlan was replaced by Mexico City
Huancavelica The Spanish discovery of a mountain of mercury at Huancavelica in Peru aided American silver production
Jesuits carried out widespread conversion on the Indians, establishing churches in the towns and villages of sedentary Indians and setting up missions in frontier areas where nomadic peoples were forced to settle
Jose de Galvez moved to remove Creoles from upper bureaucracy of the colonies
letrados university-trained lawyers from Spain the staffed the Spanish empire great bureaucratic system
Paulistas Backwoodsmen from Sao Paulo in Brazil; penetrated Brazilian interior in search of precious metals during 17th century
Treaty of Utrecht result of the War of Succession, recognition of a Bourbon family as rulers of Spain; allowed French merchants to operate in Seville and permitted England to trade slaves in Spanish America
Treaty of Tordesillas between Castile and Portugal clarified the spheres of influence and right of possession of the 2 kingdoms
War of the Spanish succession resulted form bourbon familys succession to spanish thronein 1701; ended by treaty of utrecht in 1713, resulted in recognition of bourbons loss of some lands grants of commercial right to english and french
sociedad de castas american social system based on racial origins european or whites at top black slaves or native americans at bottom mixed races in middle
casa de contractacion or las casa y audience de indias the house of trade in the indies was a gov. agency under the spanish empire form the 16-18th centuries which attempted to control all spanish exploration and colonization
rio de janeiro brazilian port; clsoe to mines fo minas gerais; importance grew with gold strikes; became colonial capital in 1763
recopilacion (1681) codified the laws iunto the basis for gov. in the colonies
potosi in upper peru was the largest mine of all, producing about 80% of all the Peruvian silver
haciendas rural estates in spanish colonies in the new world produced agricultural proudcts from consumers in america. the basis of wealth and power for the local aristocracy in many regions
bernardino de sahagun (1499-1590) became an expert in the Nanuatl language and composed a bilingual encyclopedia of Aztec culture
rio de la plata the the west indies the bourbons new viceroyalties were created in New Granada (1739) and the rio de plata (1778) to provided better administration and defense to the growing population of these regions
caribbean the caribbean experience served spain as a model for its actions elsewhere in the americas
pedro de valdivia spanish conquistador; conquered araucanian indians of Chile and established city of Santiago in 1541
Cuzco the inca capital of cuzco, high in the andes, fell in 1533 but the spanish decided to build their major city Lima closer to the coast
sancho de monco as early as 1619, Sancho de Moncada wrote that "the poverty of Spain resulted form the discovery of the Indies"
mancio serra joined francisco pizzaro who embarked on the conquest of the inca empire
tiano people a member of an aboriginal indian people of the west indies, extinct since the 16th century
Santiago pedro de valdivia from the americas conquered the tenacious araucanians of central Chile and set up the city of Santiago in 1514
audiencias royal court of appeals established int eh spanish colonies of new world; there were 10 in each viceroyalty; part of colonial administration systeml staffed by professional magistrates
bartolome de las casas former conqueror and encomendero, dominican priest, bishop of Chiapas. defender of the indians and critic of spanish brutality-presented the country opinion against sepulveda
consulado merchant guild of seville, enjoyed virtual monopoly rights over goods shipped to america and handled much of the silver recieved in return
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