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Religion Ch. 10

the ark and the temple

What is water a sign of in the Old Testament?? God's power
Why was water important in the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea?? God parted the sea for the Israelites to cross through and then saved the Israelites by drowning the Pharaoh's knights.
In what sacrament through water blessed with the Holy Spirit are we cleansed of Original Sin and given new life in Christ?? The Sacrament of Baptism
During what does a priest bless water that is to be used to baptize people who have been preparing to become Catholics?? Easter Vigil
What is the Temple?? The Jewish place of worship in Jerusalem the contained the Ark of the Covenant
How is the Temple and the Catholic church alike?? they have a vestibule, nave, altar and they worship God by using water rituals.
What is a Sacrament?? a sacred sign and cause of grace instituted by Christ in the Church to continue his saving action through the Holy Spirit
What is Sacramental?? a symbolic prayer, blessing, object, or action instituted by the Church that can lead us to a fuller participation in the grace of the Sacraments.
Describe a Catholic Church I use rituals to help you honor and prepare for God's presence
Describe holy water I am a sign of God's power
Describe tabernacle lamp I am a lamp that continually shines near the tabernacle holding the Blessed Sacrament, Christ's Body
Who was in charge of building the Temple?? Soloman, the Israelite King
describe blessed candles candles that are sacramentals that are placed upon the altar
what is the ark of the covenant the box that contains the stone tablets of the 10 commandments. i am kept in the Holy of Holies.
What is oil that is used to anoint?? chrism
something symbolic that reminds us of Christ's presence sacramental
the Israelite's center of worship Temple
a sacred sign a cause of grace Sacrament
the Sacrament at the Service of Communion by which priests are ordained Holy Orders
Through the what which were instituted by Christ and entrusted to the what God's grace is given to us. Sacraments, church
The Sacraments at the Service of Communion are what and what?? Holy Orders, Matrimony
Who are the successors of the Apostles?? bishops
what event comes first in the Sacrament of Holy Orders?? the bishop asks if the men truly want to be priests.
what event comes second in the Sacrament of Holy Orders?? the men promise to follow the bishop's guidance.
what event comes third in the sacrament of holy orders? the men kneel down to be blessed
what event comes fourth in the sacrament of holy orders? the men lie on the floor during the Litany of the Saints
what event comes fifth in the sacrament of holy orders? the bishop lays his hands on the men's heads and prays over them
what event comes sixth in the sacrament of holy orders the men receive the vestments they will wear to celebrate Mass
what event comes seventh in the sacrament of holy orders? the men's hands are anointed with oil
what event comes eighth in the sacrament of holy orders?? the men celebrate Mass
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