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mod D final review

MOD D unit 4 final exam review

nasal cavity lined by ciliated epithelium
vital capacity the maximum amount of air that can be moved in or out of the respiratory system
surfactant lipid secretion that coats alveolar surfaces and prevents their collapse
pleural cavities subdivisions of the thoracic cavity that contain the lungs
alveolus air sacs within the lungs;the sites of gas exchange with the blood
inhalation movement of air into the lungs
exhalation movement of air out of the lungs
respiratory centers controls breathing
emphysema chronic pulmonary disease in which the bronchioles become obstructed with mucus
epistaxis nosebleed
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchioles
asthma a disease of the bronchi characterized by wheezing, dyspnea, and a feeling of constriction in the chest
phlebitis inflammation of the veins
tachycardia fast heart beat
hypertension high blood pressure
what is the septum of the heart? a wall that divides a body cavity
the ______________ lack the support of cartilage bronchioles
what do the valves in the veins do? prevents the backflow of blood
the amount of air moved into or out of the lungs during a single respiratory cycle is the ? tidal volume
the respiratory control centers that set the basic rate of breathing are in the ? medulla oblongata
the diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the lungs and blood gas exchange
the _________________ prevents the lungs from over expanding as one breathes more deeply during strenuous activity inflation reflex
CHF stands for: chief heart factors false
one of the first symptoms of coronary artery disease is angina pectoris true
arteriosclerosis is a condition o hardening of an artery true
the sum of the vital capacity and the residual volume is the total lung capacity true
an aneurysm is a sac formed by a local widening of the wall of an artery or vein true
the nasal cavity divides into left and right compartments called the septum true
the voice box is the cartilagenous structure known as the larynx true
oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolves readily in blood plasma false
the opening of the larynx is the glottis true
CHF is congestive heart failure true
the pacemaker of the heart is called the AV node false
a cardiologist is a doctor who specializes in the study of the heart true
the walls of the alveoli are the gas exchange surfaces of the lungs true
the arteries of the pulmonary circulation differ from those of the systemic circulation true
atelectasis is a condition of imperfect dilation of the lungs true
there are six chambers in the heart false
the medical term meaning lack of regular rhythm of the heart is arrhythmia true
the carotid pulse is located behind the knee false
before giving 2 rescue breaths: (under 2005 guidelines) look, listen and feel
EMS means: Emergency Medical Servic
Created by: AlongCameAlicia