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Latin America

What are characteristics of a rainforest? large amounts of rain, tropical climate, hot, humid, largest variety of plant and animal species
What major landform can be found in and around the Amazon River and its tributaries? Amazon Basin
What is deforestation? cutting down and/or removal of trees without any replacements
What is the name of the land bridge that connects North America to South America? Isthmus of Panama
What is a peninsula? land that has water around it on three sides
What is smog? air pollution
What do the following initials represent: NAFTA? North American Free Trade Agreement
Which people have influenced Brazil's culture? Africans and Portuguese
What is NAFTA's primary purpose? a trade organization between Canada, Mexico, and the United states
What does GDP per capita mean? amount of money earned by a person in one year
True or False: Mexico has water on two sides, mountains, and a plateau True
True of False: Mexico does not have overcrowding or unemployment False
True of False: Mexico has Aztec ruins, Spanish influences, open markets, and mariachi bands True
Portugal and Spain colonized parts of Latin America. Which of the following items was not influenced by them: architecture, language, religion, geography geography
Name the three countries that are part of NAFTA Mexico, Canada, United States
Which rainforest group is interested in raising livestock like cattle and farming for the animals? ranchers
Which rainforest group is interested in keeping their tradidtional ways of land use? Native Amazonians
Which rainforest group is interested in setting up land reserves and protecting the remaining rainforests? environmentalists
Which rainforest group sold or gave land away and encouraged mining and drilling? government
Which rainforest group uses small plots of land for farming and their family? settlers
True or False: The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world? True
What is the longest river in South America? Amazon River
Which religion has greatly influenced Latin America? Roman Catholic
True or False: Rainforests are usually hot, dry,and full of animal and plant species True
True or False: Trees in the rainforest change carbon dioxide to carbon monixide False
Deforestation is caused by _____ building roads, dams, clearing land, mining
What is the river that separates Texas from Mexico? Rio Grande
Which rainforest interest group makes a living by removing rubber from trees? rubber tappers
Which language is used more than any other in Latin America? Spanish
What is not charged between the countries that are in NAFTA? tariffs or taxes on products sold between Mexico, Canada, and the United States
Created by: jennifersarria