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3 Monotheistic Rel

Anderson W.Geo study for Middle East and monotheistic religions

What is the name of the founder of Islam? Muhammad
In which country did Islam begin? Saudi Arabia
In what year was Islam founded? 610 BCE, or AD
What is the first statement of faith of Islam? there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.
Which way does a Muslim face his prayer rug during prayers? Towards Mecca
What are the two major groups of Islam? shiites and Sunnis
What is the word which means "submission to the will of Allah"? Islam
What is the Arabic word for God? Allah
Where does a Muslim go to pray or listen to the words of Allah? Mosque
How many times a day does a Muslim pray? 5 times
What is the term given for worship of ONE GOD? monotheistic/monotheism
Which religion celebrates fasting during Ramadan? Islam
What is the name of the followers of Islam? Muslim
What is the holy book of Islam? Koran or Qu'ran
A devoted Muslim must follow what set of rules? The 5 pillars of Islam.
What is the word used as the 2nd pillar of islam when you give food/gifts to the poor? Alms
If you are a devoted Muslim you are to take one pilgrimmage- where to and what is it called? To Mecca- called the Hajj
What is the name of a religious leader in Islam? Imam
What are the 3 most holy sites in Islam? 1. Mecca 2. Medina and 3. Jerusalem
What is the flight of the Muslims from Mecca to Medina called? Hijri
Followers of Judaism are called? Jews
What is the holy book of Judaism called? Torah
Where do Jews worship? Synagogue
What is a religious leader of Judaism called? Rabbi
what is the symbol of Islam? the moon with star
What are the two celebrations of Judaism? Passover and Purim
What do male Jews wear on their heads? Yarmulke
If food is prepared properly it is considered to be approved by Jews to eat- what is the word used for this? Kosher
What is the symbol of Judaism? Star of David
What is the term for the actions and words of Muhammad? sunnah
What do they call the remaining wall of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem? The wailing wall
Which religion celebrates Passover and Purim? Judaism
What is the name of the Jews God? Yaweh
Who is the founder of Judaism? Abraham
What is the Jewish book that includes not only the comments on the Torah but also songs, and history? Talmud
What is the term used for the Jews finally leaving 400 years of slavery in Egypt? Exodus
Who led the Jews out of Egypt into the promised land Israel? Moses
Where was Judaism founded? Israel
Where was Islam founded? Saudi Arabia
Who was the founder of Christianity? Jesus
Which religion celebrates Easter and Christmas? Christians
Where do Christians go to worship? Church
What is a Christian preacher or leader called? Pastor, Priest, Minister
What is the name of the Holy book for Christians? the bible
When was Christianity founded? 41 AD
When was Judaism founded? 13,000 BC
What is the symbol of Christianity? the Cross
Why is Jesus called the Son of Man AND the Son of God? Because he was born of Mary and the Holy Spirit
What does Gospel mean? the Good News
What is the word for the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost all 3 in one in Christianity? the trinity
What is the word for "the annointed one" in Christianity? Christ
What is the name for the followers of Jesus who lived and learned from him and later spread the news about him? Apostles
Which religion believes that following the Torah and following its teachings leads to heaven? Judaism
Which religion believes that by performing the 5 pillars and following the Koran leads to paradise? Islam
Which religion believes that belief in Christ and his death on the cross and resurrection brings forgiveness of sin and heaven? christianity
What is the Hebrew word for "teacher" Rabbi
Which religion is the oldest Monotheistic Religion? Judaism
What book do all 3 monotheistic religions believe in? Torah (first
What is the name of the man-made waterway that connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea? Suez Canal
What is the name of the young Queen and her mission that causes the Jews to celebrate Purim? Esther
What is the name of the event that causes Jews to celebrate Passover? Exodus- Moses leads people out of Egypt
What is the major river in Egypt called? the Nile
What are the two major rivers in the Fertile Crescent? The Euphrates and the Tigris
What body of water do the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers empty into? The Persian Gulf
What is the major desert located in Northern Africa? Sahara
What is the African Country located south of The Strait of Gibraltar? Morocco
What two oceans border Africa- one on the east and one on the west? Atlantic and the Indian Oceans
In what country do you find the Hindu Kush mountains where Osama Bin Laden hangs out? Afghanistan
Which sea is north of Iran? Caspian Sea
Which sea is north of Turkey? Black Sea
What five middle eastern countries are on the Saudi Arabian Penninsula? Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Kuwait
What continent is north of Africa? Europe
Which continents make up the Middle East? Asia and Africa
In which middle eastern country is the next Soccer World Cup to be held? Qatar
In which country do you find the city of Jerusalem? Israel
In which country do you find the city of Mecca? Saudi Arabia
Which country is directly south of the Aral Sea? Uzbekistan
Is the middle east primarily in the tropic, polar, or temperate zone? Temperate Zone
Created by: htanderson
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