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7th SS Ch 1-5 People

7th Grade SS Ch 1-5 People, STMM

Ch 2 - He was a legendary Sumerian King Gigamesh
Ch 2 - He was Akkad's Greatest Ruler Sargon
Ch 2 - Sargon's daughter Enheduanna
Ch 2 - He wrote a set of laws in Babylonia Hammurabi
Ch 2 - He ruled the largest and most powerful Assyrian Empire Ashurbanipal
Ch 3 - The greatest pyramid was made for which pharoah Khufu
Ch 3 - Changed his name to Akhennaten Amenhotep
Ch 3 - She worshiped the new Sun god called Aton Nefertiti
Ch 3 - He believed to have the united upper and lower Egypt King Menes
Ch 3 - He conquered the rest of Egypt Plankhi
Ch 4 - Who was Master King Confucius
Ch 4 - Peasant wo became Emperor Han Gaozu
Ch 4 - Created Civil Service exams Wu Di
Ch 4 - First Han Ruler Han Gaozu
Ch 4 - First Emperor under the Qin dynasty Shi Huang Di
Ch 4 - Started Daoism Laozi
Ch 5 - He seized power in India in 320 BC Chandragupta Maura
Ch 5 - What group took control of India after the Persians The Guptas
Ch 5 - The Destroyer Shiva
ch 5 - Grandson of Candragupta Ashoka
Ch 5 - The Preserver Vishnu
Ch 5 - Founder of the Persion Empire Cyrus II
Ch 5 - The Creator Brahma
Ch 5 - Buddha's real name Siddhartha Gautama
Ch 5 - Buddha's nickname The Enightened One
Created by: dbarrylewis