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HS1 Midterm Review

NPO Nothing by mouth
AU Both ears
PO By mouth
GTTS Drops
HS Hour of sleep
AC Before meals
PC After meals
BID Twice a day
TAB Therapedic abortion
RX Prescription
Q Every
Ectomy Removal of
Itis Inflammation
Dermo Skin
LEUK/O White
Prefix End of the word
Suffix First part of a word
Cardiologist Studies the <3
Pediatrician Childrens doctor. New born - 18
Internist Diagnosis or provides medical treatment
Radiologist X RAYS
Gynecologist Treats diseases of female reproductive parts
Gastroenterologist Disorder of digestion
Pathogen Infectious agent
NON-Pathogen Noninfectious agent
Name of virus that causes the swine flu H1N1 virus
Epidemmic Affecting many people all at one time
Pandemic Epidemic of infectious disease that spreads over large areas
What makes a system? An organ system
Centrosome microtubes produced during seperation
Lysosome Has digestive enzymes to break down proteins
Golgi Apparatus Packages proteins to be shipped to the ER
Cytoplasm FLuid in which the cell is made up of
Nucleus Brain of cell
Mitochondria Powerhouse of the cell
Nucleolus Produces ribosomes
Pinocytic Vessel Allows large objects to enter the cell
Empathy Sharing emotions with patient
Patience Being able to deal with time and care
Honesty Always being honest with patients and coworkers
Dependability Trustworthy
Enthusiasm Happy or excited
Responsibility Be responsible with or in your own actions
Competence Performing jobs properly
Discretion Not telling anyone about anything ( confendiality )
Tact Skill dealing with hard or delicate things
Self Motivation Motivation for yourself and teamates
Teamplayer Always work as a team and accepting team ideas
Invasion of privacy Never invading privacy of a patient or coworker
Teamwork Learning to act as one
Public health? The Romans
Father of medicine? Hippocrates
Bifocal glasses? Benjamin Franklin
Smallpox? Edward Jenner
Penicillin? Sir ALexander Flemming
Polio? Karl Landsteiner
Red Cross founder? Clara Barton
HIV (YR) 1983
Anatomy Study of structure of living things
Physiology Study of nonliving things function
Midsaggital Plane that divides body from right to left
Transverse Plane that divides body into top and bottom
Coronal (FRONTAL) Plane that divides body into front and back
Lateral Away from midline
Medial Close to midline
Inferior Body parts below the transverse plane
Superior Body parts above the transvers plane
Proximal Clsoe to
Distal Away from
Pelvic? Urinary bladder, reproductive organ, and part of large intestine
Cranial? Brain
Orbital? Eyes
Spinal? Spinal cord
Dorsal (POSTERIOR)? Cranial to spinal
Ventral (ANTERIOR)? Thoraic, Abdominal, Pelvic
Abdominal? Liver, stomach, pancreas, colon, bladder, rectum,anus
Thoraic? Esophagus, Trachea, Bronchi, Lungs, Heart, and large blood vessles
Buccal? Teeth and tongue
Created by: CamilaAndrea0912