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Urinary, Digestive, Reproductive Flash Cards

noct/i night
nephr/o kidney
-esis condition
-uria urine, urination
urethr/o urethra
-ptosis drooping, sagging, prolapse
olig/o scanty, few
urin/o urine, urinary tract
meat/o meatus (opening)
-stenosis constriciton, narrowing
albumin/o albumin
-trophy nourishment, development
-rrhaphy suturing, repairing
-megaly enlargement
-lysis loosening, dissolution, separating
azot/o urea, nitrogen
hydr/o water
lith/o stone, calculus
ven/o vein
blast/o developing cell, germ cell
vesic/o bladder, sac
pyel/o renal pelvis
glomerul/o glomerulus
tom/o cus, section
-iasis condition
ur/o urine, urinary tract
son/o sound
glycos/o sugar
-tripsy surgical crushing
glyc/o sugar
ureter/o ureter
cyst/o bladder, sac
ren/o kidney
poly- many, much
andr/o male
-ism state of
epididym/o epididymis
orchi/o testis, testicle
trans- through, across, beyond
balan/o glans penis
prostat/o prostate gland
orch/o testis, testicle
orchid/o testis, testicle
vesicul/o seminal vesicles
sperm/o spermatozoa, sperm
spermat/o spermatozoa, sperm
test/o testis, testicle
vas/o vessel, duct
metr/o, metr/i uterus
colp/o vagina
perine/o perineum
gynec/o woman
culd/o cul-de-sac
gyn/o woman
-atresia absence of a normal opening, occlusion, closure
-salpinx fallopian tube
cervic/o cervix
-ial pertaining to
episi/o vulva
hyster/o uterus
men/o menstruation
salping/o fallopian tube
cervic/o, trachel/o cervix
hymen/o hymen
vulv/o vulva
mast/o breast
vagin/o vagina
uter/o uterus
oophor/o ovary
mamm/o breast
peri- surrounding (outer)
arche/o first, beginning
duoden/o duodenum
palat/o palate
cholangi/o bile duct
or/o mouth
proct/o rectum
sial/o saliva
cec/o cecum
herni/o hernia
celi/o abdomen
hepat/o liver
lingu/o tongue
-pepsia digestion
enter/o intestines
antr/o antrum
jejun/o jejunum
lapar/o abdomen
gastr/o stomach
peritone/o peritoneum
ile/o ileum
lapar/o abdomen
rect/o rectum
col/o colon
-crit to separate
choledoch/o common bile duct
abdomin/o abdomen
stomat/o mouth
gingiv/o gum
pancreat/o pancreas
sigmoid/o sigmoid colon
uvul/o uvula
hemi- half
cheil/o lip
an/o anus
gloss/o tounge
polyp/o small growth
chol/e gall, bile
appendic/o appendix
diverticul/o diverticulum
Created by: ihavekids