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Primal religions 1

pantheism all reality is divine
beliefs of primal religions are usually conveyed by masks and dances
animism life exists in everything and in every part of the universe
symbols Black Elk saw sacred tree
calumet sacred pipe
Chief Joseph Stronghold referred to God as the Great Mystery
Sacred time is cyclical
What did Black Elk do? 1)witnessed massacres at Little Big Horm and Wounded Knee 2)was entrusted to pass on the sacred vision of his nation's culture 3) converted to Catholicism
religion means to connect again
What's a vision quest? 1) prayer on sacred mountain 2) special herbs and foods 3) reverence for one's ancestors
faith vs. religion faith: personal relationship to Divine Religion: sum total of worship
religion similarities higher power holy writings holy places holy people art+symbols moral code prayer/worship: rituals variations: sects
aspects that differ between religions sin/evil+salvation leadership: global vs local proselytizing
atheism vs agnosticism atheism: no god agnosticism: no BELIEF in a god (doesn't say whether or not one exists)
holistic everything is interrelated and whole
two diff types of rituals/rites of passage- primal religions when girl begins menstruating vision quest
four sacred directions in Native American religions North- cold
Name for Native American high diety Wakan Tanka
spiritual realm what is beyond natural experience
red road North/South
black road East/West
name for white people wasichus
Messiah Wanekia red (life of spirit)
Great Spirit wakan tanka
themes in comogony africa- tree of life pacific islander- mother earth turtle god trickster spirit
totem pole represents dead
'Our land our life and our religion are one'
Created by: clamchowder



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