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LA Bible Final

Ms. Mason LA 1st semester Bible as/in Lit. final flashcards

Sibling Rivalries in NEW/OLD TESTAMENT Cain and Abel; Joseph and 11 brothers; Jacob and Esav; Isaac and Ishmael.
Crime and Punishment in NEW/OLD TESTAMENT Jonah and the Whale; (everyone NOT in) Noah's ark; Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; Fiery Furnace; Jews who worshiped the golden calf; Daniel (punished for being Jewish) and King Darius.
Murder 1st murder Cain killed Abel; Moses kills an Egyptian; David and Uriah (sent to head of battle); anyone not in Noah's arc; David and Goliath; Sampson and the Philistines (suicide).
Detective story Samson and Delilah; Samson and the Lion Riddle; Writing on the wall (King Belshazzar); Joseph's dream interpretations.
The rejected one Jacob rejected by his father, and Esav by his mother; Ishmael and Hagar rejected by Abraham; Joseph rejected by his brothers; Cain's offering rejected by G-d; Jacob rejects Potipher's wife.
The Guilty Child Cain (killed Abel); Jacob stole Esav's blessing; Benjamin was framed by Joseph (goblet), the other brothers were framed for taking the money; The first-born on Passover.
Innocent victims Job; Benjamin
Explusion Hagar and Ishmael; Jonah (from the whale); Adam and Eve.
Wanderers Moses and the Jews (40 yrs); Cain; Ishmael.
Significant births Adam and Eve; 1st birth: Cain and Abel; Jacob and Esav; Samson (barren mother).
Work Adam's curse, Slaves in Egypt; Noah and the arc; Jacob (14 years for Leah).
Challenge from G-d Abraham and Isaac (Aceida); Adam and Eve (free will/temptation).
Failure Samson (suicide); Adam and Eve; Lot could not find 10 good people in Soddom and Gemorah; Adversary/judge failed to break Job's trust in G-d.
G-d's Interaction Moses and the 10 Commandments; Adam and Eve; Burning Bush that Moses witnessed; G-d speaks to Cain; G-d saves Shadrach, Meshach, and Abedneg from the fiery furnace.
Ton Biblion/ Ta Biblia Greek: the scroll(s)/book(s)
Poetry in the Bible Psalms, Songs of Solomon, Proverbs, Lamentations, and prophetic books (Iseah, Hosea, Joel). *Used to intensify feeling/insight
Narratives (stories) in the Bible The most common literary form in the Bible. Epic: sums up an AGE in a story; a comedy: begins in prosperity and declines into trials and troubles, rising into a happy ending; tragedies: catastrophic endings. Ex: King Saul.
Proverbs in the Bible Short moral sayings. Book of Proverbs.
Parables in the Bible Put things together in order to compare them. Most associated with the teachings of Jesus.
Epistles; New Testament Letters to churches combining literary and explanatory features. PAUL'S EPISTLES
Visionary Literature in the Bible Apocalypse (unveiling or revelation)/visionary literature are SYMBOLIC descriptions of events of the FUTURE.
New Testament Covers < a century (birth, works, teachings, execution and resurrection of Jesus, and the founding of Christianity.) 1/4 as long as Old Testament 27 books (1st five=Jesus' life, last=Revelations)
Gospels (Good news) Matthew, John, (among the 12 disciples) Mark and Luke (traveled with the disciple Paul).
Renaissance's effect on the New/Old Testaments Translated into Vulgate from Latin (Jerome 4th Cent).
Pentatuech and the Torah Pentatuech('5 Scrolls')=Torah('Teaching/Law') Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. (Total of 39 book in the Torah)
Crucifiction Persian execution>Alexander the Great>Mediterranean>Romans Jews: were tortured, then crucified (Roman Emperor Caligula). Suffocation or cardiac arrest.
Revelation (all in the form of a letter by JOHN) 1st play: Letters to 7 churches in Turkey 2nd Play: setting: heavenly throne room, conflict: Dragon (evil) Lamb of God (Jesus) 3rd play: New Jerusalem and eternal life with god.
Revelations message Justice will prevail, good will triumph and evil will be punished.
1-3/7 seals 1 armed rider (conquer) on white horse (war) 2 Giant sword w/ rider (removal of peace) red horse (murder) 3 scale of judgement on a black horse (famine)
4th/7 seals 4 Death on a green horse (death) kills 1/4 of earth 4 ways (4 horsemen of the Apocalypse): Sword, famine, pestilence and beasts.
5-7 seals 5 Souls of martyrs ask Jesus how long until their blood is avenged; not long until they receive justice. 6 brings "the gread day of G-d's wrath" Black sun, red moon, stars fall and mountains and islands disappear. 7 beginning of the end
Annunciation The Angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary of her conception with Jesus, G-d's son.
Nativity Birth with reference to place and attendant circumstances.
The Gifts of the Magi wanted to worship Jesus. Gold, frankincense and Myrrh.
John the Baptist Foretold the coming of Jesus and therefore beheaded by Herod.
Miracles by Jesus Stilled a windstorm sinking ships. Saved an insane clan of 2000 people by running pigs with their souls off a cliff. Saved a girl on the brink of death. Stopped a woman from bleeding after 12 yrs. Walked on water.
Feeding the Multitudes 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread fed 5,000 people.
40 days Days Jesus spent in the wilderness tempted by Satan.
Created by: Agardengirl
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