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CT Midterm

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts

T/F Matthew highlighted the many teachings gave to his disciples which stressed the Father's Will and are the key to happiness. True
T/F Matthew had to explain Jewish customs to his audience of non-Jews. False
T/F According to Matthew's gospel, we will all have to suffer if we want to follow Jesus. True
T/F Doing the right thing may not be enough. Do it with happiness in your heart. True
T/F Jesus forbids the divorce of lawfully married couples. True
T/F Matthew's gospel emphasized that it was written by a Jew for Jewish Christians partly by the fact that Jesus instructed his apostles to proclaim the gospel only to the Jewish people rather than the Gentiles. True
Matthew was probably written in this language. Greek
Matthew was probably written about this year. 85 A.D.
Matthew used Jewish words such as GEHENNA which means... Hell
Matthew uses Jewish words such as BEELZEBUL which means... Devil
What is the common symbolic number used by Matthew? Seven
What does "Emmanuel" mean? God is with us.
Who do the maji represent? Gentiles
What does "Ekklesia" mean? Church
What does Matthew's gospel begin with? The birth of the Messiah
Matthew's gospel traces Jesus' genealogy back to... David & Abraham
In Matthew's gospel, Peter identifies Jesus as both the Messiah and... The son of the living God
The apostles claimed Jesus was the Son of God after he does this... Walks on water
Who is ultimately in charge during times of trial? God
What Old Testament story comes to mind about being prepared for the end times? Noah and the Ark
Put Matthew's infancy narratives in their proper order. 1) Joseph's dream about Jesus' virginal conception. 2) Jesus' birth. 3) The homage of the Maji. 4) Plotting of Herod. 5) Warning given to Joseph in dream. 6) Flight to Egypt. 7) Massacre of Infants. 8) Return of Holy Family. 9) Settling of HF in Nazareth
The only parable for which Jesus offers an explanation of its meaning. Parable of the Sower.
Teaches that the kingdom is so precious that one should sacrifice everything for it. Parable of the Treasure in the field and the pearl of great price
Teaches that God's Kingdom starts small but, in time, grows very large. Parable of the Mustard Seed
Deals with the kingdom and Judgement. At the end of time God will separate the good from the wicked. Parables of the weeds among the wheat and the Dragnet.
Speaks of the mysterious growth of God's Kingdom Parable of the Yeast
It emphasizes that Jesus is the head of the church, it's guide and its model Discourse 4: Jesus founds and instructs the church
Summarizes the new law of the gospel, a law of grace, love,a nd freedom. Discourse 1: Sermon on the mount
It's organized around seven parables that help reveal the nature of the kingdom of Heaven. Discourse 3: Parables about the Kingdom
Involves the end of the temple, the end of the world, and the divine judgement on the last day Discourse 5: The Final Judgement
Instructs the apostles to imitate Jesus' ministry. Discourse 2: Sharing the faith with others
Lustful thoughts lead to sinful cravings We must not commit adultry
Love all people, even your enemy We must not seek revenge
Do not even be angry with others We must not murder
We need a clean heart and pure intensions in living the moral life Christians have a right attitude
Christians should be people of integrity. Say what you mean and mean what you say. We must not take idle oaths or swear.
We are not superior to anyone. Christians do not judge others and they pray in trust.
T/F Luke's gospel was only intended for Jews False
T/F Luke believed that Gentiles had to convert to Judaism to accept Jesus False
T/F Jesus treated women as equals by choosing them as apostles. False
T/F Mary fades into the background in Luke's gospel as Joseph becomes more and more prevalent in Jesus' life. False
T/F In Luke's gospel, the infant Jesus is visited by the magi. False
T/F Jesus' parents were wealthy carpenters False
T/F Jesus condemns the rich because of their great wealth. False
Who was Luke? A Gentile Christian.
Luke addressed his books to this person. Theophilus.
Luke was probably a traveling companion with this person. Paul
This is about when Luke wrote his gospel. about 75-90 A.D.
What is the predominent theme in Luke's gospel? Jesus offered salvation to all people.
Which parable is the heart of Luke's gospel? The Prodigal Son
What story about the condemnation of the rich and blessing of the poor is unique in Luke's gospel? the rich man and Lazarus
What unique story in Luke shows an outcast welcoming Jesus? Zacchaeus the tax collector
What parable uniquely shows compassion to others and how an enemy of the Jews showed love for his enemy? The Good Samaritan
In the parable of the good Samaritan, who is our neighbor? All people
Chapter 15 in Luke's gospel contains this parable. The lost sheep, the lost coin, the prodigal son. (all of the above)
T/F Matthew, Mark, and Luke were more historical whereas John is more Theological. True
T/F In John's gospel, Jesus' teachings are often short sayings rather than long discourses. False
T/F In John's gospel, Jesus attends three Passover festivals rather than just one. True
T/F All four gospels agree that the resurrection took place late in the evening of the first day of the week. True
T/F All four gospels agree that Jesus appeared to the disciples after his death, changing their attitudes from being afraid to boldly proclaiming the Good News of Jesus as the Messiah. True
T/F The resurrection is the central event of our salvation. True
T/F Jesus' resurrection shows us that death is not the end of our lives because we will live forever in the kingdom of God. True
T/F John the Baptist recognizes Jesus as the Son of God. True
Who was John's gospel written for? Jewish Christians who were expelled from the synagogues after the ROman revolt.
When was John's gospel probably written? 90-100 A.D.
The study of Jesus Christ is known as.. Christology
What did John stress? Jesus' identity as the revealer of God, Jesus as Savior of the World, Jesus as unique Son of the Father (All of these)
Why did Jews sacrifice lambs at the passover? To recall Yahweh's releasing Israel from slavery in Egypt.
How does Jesus show humility at the last supper in John's gospel? He washes the disciples feet.
"Rabbi" is the Hebrew word for... Teacher
Which of these is NOT a common title for Jesus in John's gospel? The Rock
The forst twelve chapters of John's gospel are known as "The Book of Signs" because they are organized around how many miracles? Seven
Who does Jesus appear to first at his resurrection? Mary Magdalene
Only John's gospel mentions... Nicodemus, Lazarus, The Women at the Well (All of these)
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