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Religious Test

Qur'an Islamic Holy Book
Hadith The words of Muhammad
Mosque Islamic place of worship
Meuzzin the "preacher" of Islam
Ramadan 9th month in Islamic calender when fasting is celebrated
Shahadah The Declaration of Faith
Salah The 5 Daily Prayers
Zakah Islamic "offering"
Sawm Fasting
Hajj The once in a lifetime journey to Mecca
Jihad The Struggle to lead a good life
Shari'ah Religious laws of Islam
Allah Name of Islamic God
Life Of Muhammad Was a hermit, Gabriel spoke to him so he began Islam
Hejira When Muhammad was kicked out of Mecca
Imagery in Mosques Only pictures of nature and words
Date Islam was founded Founded 610 CE
Sects (Islam) Sunni, recognizes all caliphs and Shi'ah only recognizes the 4th
Dietary Restrictions Meat prepared while saying Allah, no pork of alcohol
Basic Teachings and Beliefs Allah, angels, holy books, prophets of Tenakh, and a day of Judgment
Number of followers and were they live (Islam) 1 billion, Middle East, North Africa, and parts of Asia
Torah Jewish religious book
Sabbath Saturday
10 commandments Worhip one god, dont worship idols, dont swear, observe sabbath, respect your mom and dad, dont commit adultery, dont steal, dont falsely accuse anyone, dont be envious
Bar/bat Mitzvah Coming of age, 13 for guys 12 for girls
Moses and Exodus The jorney with the plagues and Red Sea parting, guiding Jews from Egypt
Diaspora Jews forced to leave their ethnic homelands
Synagogue Where worship and education occur
Rabbi Head of the Jewish Tour
Hebrew Used to read Torah and prayers
Yom Kippur 10 Days after New Years, sacrifice something
Yaweh/Adonai Name of God (Judaism)
Status of Abraham (Judaism) Founder of Judaism
Date Founded (Judaism) 400 years ago, beginning of time
Sects (Judaism) Orthodox and progressive
Dietary Restrictions No blood or pork, no milk or meat together, one prayer before meals
Number and where followers live 14 million, USA, Israel, and Europe
Created by: bluehicke35
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