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Mesopotamia Review

ziggurat a temple located in the center of the city-state
scribe someone whose job is to read and write
Fertile Crescent area that has fertile soil that allows for farming
Why did people move to the Fertile Crescent? fertile soil perfect for farming, flat land and river water
What does Mesopotamia mean? land between two rivers
polytheism a religion that worships in many gods
irrigation system a system of transporting water from one area to another
the wheel a Sumerian invention
cuneiform means wedge in Latin
characteristics of a civilization writing,religion,social structure,technology,government,arts,public works, cities
crowding in the Zagros Mountains led to people moving down to Mesopotamia
uncontrolled water supply led to irrigation systems being invented
using clay for your homes is an example of which theme of geography human-enviorment interaction
invasions from enemies led to building walls around city state
Hammurabi wrote down the code of laws on a stele
stylus and clay tablet what was used to write with
type of government king
how did a king get his power by the gods
who was on the bottom of the social structure slaves
what is a levee a wall of earth built to prevent a river from flooding example of an irrigation system
What modern day country is Mesopotamia? Iraq
The Fertile Crescent is an example of which of the 5 Themes of Geography? Region
what does eye for an eye mean the crime you commit will be your punishment
How did you get your job it was inherited by your family
Who supervised the building of the ziggurat The King
Why live near a river provides great soil for farming, fishing, transportation, daily living
Are we learning about prehistory or history? history
What were Hammurabi's laws written on a steele or stella
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