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Turning Point: CE

Study Aid for the Columbian Exchange Test

What Italian explorer was the first to make a trip to the Indies in 1271 after the fall of the Roman Empire. Marco Polo
What Italian explorer sailing for Spain was the first to reach the Americas during the Age of Exploration (1492)? Christopher Columbus
What Italian explorer sailing for Britain was the first to reach what is now Canada during the Age of Exploration (1497)? John Cabot
What Viking sailed to North America around the year 1000 A.D.? Leif Erickson
What Portuguese explorer claimed what is now Brazil for Portugal (1500)? Pedro Cabral
What Spanish explorer was the first European to reach the eastern shore of the Pacific Ocean (1513)? Vasco deBalboa
What Spanish explorer conquered the Aztecs and claimed Mexico for Spain (1519)? Hernan Cortes
What Spanish explorer was the first to find a western passage to the Indies and the first to circumnavigate the world (1522)? Ferdinand Magellan
What form of government was most common in the Americas after the Columbian Exchange? monarchy
Which form of government has one person making all the decisions and a family member takes over when they die? monarchy
What form of economics was most common in the Americas after the Columbian Exchange? traditional
Which form of economics involves individual families taking care of their own needs and wants? traditional
Name 9 effects of the Columbian Exchange on the people of the Americas. (You should be able to explain each.) religion; slavery; language; agricultural products; horses and other livestock; steel weapons and tools; Mestizo race; land lost; 9 of 10 killed by disease
Which five European countries established colonies in the Americas? Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain, France, Portugal
Why did Columbus make his first voyage? He was looking for a faster trade route to Asia.
What was the name of the first British colony in the Americas? Jamestown
What Spanish explorer conquered the Incas and claimed what is now Peru for Spain (1533)? Francisco Pizarro
What French explorer is given credit for starting the fur trade with the Woodland People (1534)? Jacques Cartier
What French explorer started the first permanent settlement in Canada in what is now Quebec City (1608)? Samuel deChamplain
What English explorer claimed much of the land around Hudson Bay for the British (1610)? Henry Hudson
Why did European countries want colonies? to get the natural resources
Why were African slaves brought to the Americas? to work on large farms called plantations
What is the definition of a "Turning Point?" a key event or series of events that significantly changes the way of life of a group of people
Created by: ekeilen