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India Ch.6 Mrs. L.

India Ch. 6

What does it mean to move from one place to another to live, especially when with a large group of people? migrate
What does it mean to have a seasonal wind pattern that causes wet and dry seasons? monsoon
What is the most important language of ANCIENT India? Sanskrit
What are the sacred hymns and poems that came to ancient India from the Aryan people called? Vedas
What is the social system in Hindu society called, in which a person's place is determined by the rank of the family that he or she is born into? caste (system)
What is the Hindu belief that people move in a constant cycle of birth, death and rebirth? reincarnation
What is a large land mass that is connected to the rest of a continent called? subcontinent
What are the laws and rules of a given caste level called? dharma
What is the Hindu and Buddhist belief that the end result of a person's good and bad acts helps to determine his or her next life? karma
What is the state of perfect peace in the Buddhist faith called? nirvana
What is the river valley that flows through modern day Pakistan that the early Indian cultures of Harappa and Mohenjo Daro developed along? Indus River Valley
What is the highest mountain chain in Asia that helps to separate India from other cultures Himalayas
Who led a nonviolent movement to help Indians regain independence from British rule? Gandhi
Created by: clavery