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Med Term

acanth/o spiny; thorny
acetabul/o acetabulum (hip socket)
acous/o hearing
acromi/o acromion (extension of shoulder bone)
actin/o light
acu/o sharp; severe; sudden
-acusis hearing
aden/o gland
adip/o fat
adren/o adrenal gland
af- toward
agglutin/o clumping; sticking together
agora- marketplace
-agra excessive pain
albumin/o albumin (protein)
alges/o sensitivity to pain
all/o other
alveol/o air sac; small sac
ambly/o dim; dull
-amine nitrogen compound
amni/o amnion (sac surrounding the embryo)
an/o anus
ana- up; apart; backward; again, anew male
aneurysm/o aneurysm (widened blood vessel)
anis/o unequal
anthrac/o coal
anthr/o antrum of the stomach
anxi/o uneasy; anxious
-apheresis removal
aphth/o ulcer
apo- off, away
aponeur/o aponeurosis (type of tendon)
-arche beginning
-arthria articulate (speak distinctly)
asbest/o asbestos
-asthenia lack of strength
atel/o incomplete
aur/o auricul/o ear
axillo/o armpit
azot/o urea; nitrogen
bacill/o bacilli (bacteria)
balan/o glans penis
bar/o pressure; weight
bartholin/o Bartholin glands
bas/o base; opposite of acid
bilirubin/o bilirubin
bol/o cast; throw
brachi/o arm
brachy- short
bronch/o bronchi/o bronchial tube
bronchiol/o bronchiole
bucc/o cheek
bunion/o bunion
byssin/o cotton dust
cac/o bad
cali/o calic/o calyx
capn/o -capina carbon dioxide
cata- down
caus/o burn; burning
celi/o belly; abdomen
cerumin/o cerumen
-chalasia -chalasis relaxation
cheil/o lip
-chezia defecation; elimination of wastes
chlorhydr/o hydrochloric acid
chol/e bile; gall
cholangi/o bile vessel
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o common bile duct
chori/o chorion (outermost membrane of the fetus)
chorion/o chorion
choriod/o choroid layer of the eye
chrom/o color
chron/o time
chym/o to pour
cib/o meal
-cide killing
-cidal pertaining to killing
cine/o movement
cis/o to cut
-clasis -clast to break
claustr/o enclosed space
-clysis irrigation; washing
-coccus berry-shaped bacterium
cochle/o cochlea (inner part of ear)
coll/a glue
colon/o colon (large intestine)
colp/o vagina
comat/o deep sleep
comi/o to care for
coni/o dust
-constriction narrowing
cor/o core/o pupil
corne/o cornea
corpor/o body
cortic/o cortex, outer region
cras/o mixture; temperament
-crit separate
crypt/o hidden
culd/o cul-de-sac
-cusis hearing
cycl/o ciliary body of eye; cycle; circle
-cyesis pregnancy
dem/o people
desicc/o drying
-desis bind, tie together
dia- complete; through
diaphor/o sweat
-dote to give
-drome to run
duct/o to lead, carry
duoden/o duodenum
dur/o dura mater
ec- out; ouside
-ectasia -ectasis dilation; dialtation; widening
-elasma flat plate
em- in
-ema condition
-emic pertaining to blood condition
emmetr/o in due measure
encephal/o brain
eosin/o red; rosy; dawn-colored
epididym/o epididymis
epiglott/o epiglottis
episi/o vulva (external female genitalia)
epitheli/o skin; epithelium
equin/o horse
erg/o work
erythem/o flushed; redness
-esis action; condition; state of
eso- inward
esthes/o esthesi/o -esthesia nervous sensation
ethm/o sieve
eti/o cause
-eurysm widening
exanthemat/o rash
-ferent to carry
-fication process of making
-fida split
flex/o bend
follicul/o follicle; small sac
furc/o forking; branching
galact/o milk
ganglion/o ganglion; collection of nerve cell bodies
gest/o gester/o pregnancy
gingiv/o gum
glauc/o gray
gli/o glial cells; neuroglial cells
-globin -globulin protein
glomerul/o glomerulus
gloss/o tongue
gnos/o knowledge
gon/o seed
gonad/o sex glands
goni/o angle
-grade to go
granul/o granule
gravid/o pregnancy
-gravida pregnant women
hepat/o liver
-hexia state of
hist/o histi/o tissue
hypn/o sleep
hypophys/o pituitary gland
hyster/o uterus; womb
ichthy/o dry; scaly
-icle small
idi/o unknown; individual; distinct
ile/o ileum
-in, -ine a substance
inguin/o groin
iod/o iodine
ion/o ion; to wander
ipsi- same
ir/o irid/o iris (color portion of eye)
is/o same; equal
isch/o hold back; back
-itus condition
-ium structure; tissue
jaund/o yellow
kal/i potassium
kary/o nucleus
kerat/o cornea; hard, horny tissue
kern- nucleus (collection of nerve cells in the brain)
ket/o keton/o ketones; acetones
klept/o to steal
kyph/o humpback
labi/o lip
leiomy/o smooth (visceral) muscle
-lemma sheath, covering
-leptic pertaining to seizing, taking hold of
leth/o death
-listhesis slipping
lob/o lobe
log/o study
lord/o curve; swayback
-lucent to shine
lute/o yellow
lux/o slide
mastoid/o mastoid process (behind the ear)
maxill/o maxilla (upper jaw bone)
meat/o meatus (opening)
mediastin/o mediastinum
medull/o medulla (inner section); middle; soft, marrow
men/o menses; menstruation
ment/o mind; chin
metr/o uterus (womb); measure
metri/o uterus (womb)
-mimetic mimic; copy
-mission send
mutagen/o causing genetic change
mydr/o wide
myring/o tympanic membrane (eardrum)
natr/o sodium
nect/o bind, tie, connect
nephr/o kidney
neutr/o neither; neutral; neutrophil
nid/o nest
noct/o nyct/o night
norm/o rule; order
nos/o disease
obstetr/o pregnancy; childbirth
ocul/o eye
odont/o tooth
odyn/o pain
-ole little; small
olecran/o olecranon (elbow)
olig/o scanty
om/o shoulder
-one hormone
o/o ov/o ovul/o egg
oophor/o ovari/o ovary
-opaque obscure
-opia -opsia vision condition
orch/o orchi/o orchid/o testis
-orexia appetite
-osmia smell
ossicul/o ossicle (small bone)
oxy- rapid; sharp; acid
oxysm/o sudden
pachy- heavy; thick
palat/o palate (roof of the mouth)
palpebr/o eyelid
pan- all
papill/o nipple-like; optic disc (disk)
-para -parous to bear, bring forth
-partum birth, labor
pector/o chest
pend/o hang
perine/o perineum
perone/o fibula
phac/o lens of eye
phak/o lens of eye
phall/o penis
pharyng/o throat (pharynx)
phe/o dusky; dark
-pheresis removal
phil/o like; love; attraction to
-phil -philia attraction for
phim/o muzzle
phor/o to bear
-phoresis carrying; transmission
-phoria to bear, carry; feeling (mental state)
phren/o diaphragm; mind
-phthisis wasting away
-phylaxis protection
-physis to grow
phyt/o -phyte plant
pil/o hair
pineal/o pineal gland
-plakia plaque
plant/o sole of the foot
plas/o -plasia development; formation; growth
ple/o more; many; varied
plex/o plexus; network (of nerves)
pod/o foot
-poiesis formation
poikil/o varied; irregular
pol/o extreme
polio- gray matter (of brain or spinal cord)
polyp/o polyp; small growth
pont/o pons (a part of the brain)
-porosis condition of pores (spaces)
-prandial pertaining to eating or mealtime
-praxia action
presby/o old age
prurit/o itching
pseudo- false
-ptysis spitting
purul/o py/o pus
pyel/o renal pelvis
pylor/o pylorus; pyloric sphincter
pyret/o pyrex/o fever
radicul/o nerve root
ren/o kidney
reticul/o network
rhabdomy/o striated (skeletal) muscle
rheumat/o watery flow
rhytid/o wrinkle
roentgen/o x-rays
salping/o fallopian tube; auditory (eustachian) tube
salpinx fallopian tube; oviduct
sarc/o flesh (connective tissue)
scint/i spark
scirrh/o hard
scot/o darkness
seps/o infection
sial/o saliva
sider/o iron
silic/o glass
-sol solution
-spadia to tear, cut
sphen/o wedge; sphenoid bone
sphygm/o -sphyxia pulse
splanchn/o viscera (internal organs)
spuam/o scale
-stalsis contraction
staped/o stapes (middle ear bone)
staphyl/o clusters; uvula
steat/o fat, seburn
-stenosis tightening; stricture
ster/o solid structure; steroid
stere/o solid; three-dimensional
steth/o chest
-stitial pertaining to standing or positioned
stomat/o mouth
-stomia condition of the mouth
strept/o twisted chains
styl/o pole or stake
submaxill/o mandible (lower jaw bone)
-suppression stopping
syncop/o to cut off, cut short; faint
syndesm/o ligament
synov/o synovia; synovial membrane; sheath around a tendon
syring/o tube
tax/o order; coordination
tel/o complete
tele distant
terat/o monster; malformed fetus
thalam/o thalamus
thalass/o sea
thec/o sheath
thel/o nipple
-thymia mind (condition of)
-thymic pertaining to mind
thyr/o thyroid gland; shield
toc/o -tocia -tocin labor; birth
ton/o tension
tone/o stretch
-tresia opening
trich/o hair
trigon/o trigone (area within the bladder)
-tripsy crushing
troph/o -trophy nourishment; development
-ule little; small
ungu/o nail
-us structure; thing
uvul/o uvula
-verse -version to turn
vesic/o urinary bladder
vit/o life
vitre/o glass
vol/o to roll
xen/o stranger
xer/o dry
xiph/o sword
zo/o animal life
atel/o imperfect
bil/i bile
cheil/o lips
chol/e bile
cholecyst/o gallbladder
choledoch/o common bile duct
-cidal killing
cirrh-/o orange-yellow
colp/o vagina
coni/o dust
dendr/o tree
dips/o thirst
duoden/o duodenum
dur/o dura mater
embol/o embolus
gil/o neuroglia or sticky substance
gloss/o tongue
ichthy/o fish
jejun/o jejenum
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