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5th Gr SS U2 Cm1 FK2

CCS 5th Gr Western Civilization Sailing the Oceans

Strait a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water
Circumnavigate to travel completely around something
Mutiny a rebellion against a leader
Who terriozed Spanish ships and settlements as he circumnavigated the Earth? Sir Fances Drake
What explorer wanted to find a water route that connected the bodies of water on each side of South America? Ferdinand Magellan
What are some of Sir Frances Drake's motives for exploration? Make money, get revenge on the Spanish for attacking his ships, and to be like Magellan and circumnavigate the world.
What country did Ferdinand Magellan sail for? Spain
What country did Sir Frances Drake sail for? England
What are some of Ferdinand Magellan's accomplishments? Finding the short cut around South America known as the Straits of Magellan, Discovering and naming the Pacific Ocean, and circumnavigaing the world
What are some of Sir Frances Drake's accomplishments? First to pass from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast, Circumnavigated the world after Magellan, Defeated the Spanish Armanda, claimed California for Queen Elizabeth, Became as knight, known as the "master-theif of the unknown" by Spain
What were some of Sir Frances Drake's stops on his first voyage? From England he sailed southward across the Atlantic Ocean,around South America passing through the Straits of Magellan. Then he sailed northward along the coast of South America, Central America and North America then west on the Pacific Ocean.
What are some of the regions that Magellan explored? Philippine arcgiplego, Pacfic Ocean, Tip of South America (Cape Horn), Strait of Magellan,
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