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BOM Locations

Book of Mormon Location Names

Aaron, city of Alma 8:3 - City toward which Alma2 walked when the angel sent him back to Ammonihah
Ablom, place of Ether 9:3 - Place where Omer fled to get away from Akish and gang
Agosh, plains of Ether 14:15 - Area where Lib2 fought Coriantumr2
Akish, wilderness of Ether 14:3 - Wilderness where army of Coriantumr2 fought Gilead, who was the bro of Shared
Alma, Valley of, Mosiah 24:20 Alma1 led his converts here fleeing from Amulon/Lamanites while in route to Zarahemla
Ammonihah Alma 8:6 - Alma2 preached here with Amulek & Zeezrom-- Belivers burned-- wiped out by Amlicites-- became the Desolation of Nehors
Amnihu, hill of Alma 2:15 - Hill where Amlicites warred the Nephites (Alma2) east of Sidon
Amulon, land of Mosiah 23:31 - The Lamanite army chasing people of Limhi found the priests of Noah3 and Daughters of Lamanites here
Angola, city of Mormon 2:4 - City where Mormon led his army here for a while
Ani-Anti, village of Alma 21:11 - Village where Aaron3 went and found Muloki and Ammah preaching --"Hard city"
Antionum, land of Alma 31:3 - Land of the Zoramites--close to Lamanites--convienent for switching to their side
Antiparah, city of Alma 56:14 - Nephite city taken by Lamanites who where suckered out of hold by Helaman2, Stripling Warriors, and Antipus
Antipas, mount of Alma 47:7 - Mount where Amalickiah chased the other half of the lamanite army and convinced them to join him--poisoned leader (Lehonti)
Antum, land of Mormon 1:3 - Land where Ammaron hid the records in the hill Shim for Mormon to get them
Boaz Mormon 4:20 - City where Nephites fled to regroup during last battle - Women and children sacrificed
Bountiful, land of 1 Ne intro - Place where Lehi1 and family stopped along the red sea to build a ship
Bountiful, land of, city of Alma 22:29 - Land of the Nephites -(Alma 52:17) Nephite City Held by Teancum -- lamanite prisoners were used to fortify it with ditch and timbers
Comnor, hill of Ether 14:28 - Where Coriantumr2 trumpeted the armies of Shiz, inviting them to battle
Corihor, Valley of, Land of Ether 14:28 - Valley where Shiz swept all who would not join him to battle Coriantumr2
Cumeni Alma 56:14 - City where Helaman2 cut off supplies to Lamanites holed up inside--obtaining the city
Cumorah, land of , hill of, Mormon 6:2 - Site of last battle of Nephites--Mormon hid records there except the Gold Plates
David, Land of Mormon 2:3 - Land where young Mormon's troops were driven from
Desolation, land of Alma 22:30 - The place where Jaredites first landed and later destroyed themselves, found by Limhi's scouts littered with bones and Ether's 24 plates
Desolation of Nehors Alma 16:11 - Ammonihah became the Desolation of Nehors in one day as Lamanites killed all in city
Ephriam, hill of Ether 7:9 - Jaredite Hill where Shule molten swords to take back the kingdom from his brother Corihor1 to give it back to his father Kib
Gad, city of 3 Ne 9:10 - City burned by fire when Christ was crucified
Gadiandi, city of 3 Ne 9:8 - City sunk into ground when Christ was crucified
Gadiomnah, city of 3 Ne 9:8 - City sunk into earth when Christ was crucified
Gid, city of Alma 51:26 - City taken by Amalekiah's Lamanites--Taken back by Moroni1 at night using Laman4 and arming the guards
Gideon, valley of Alma 2:20 - Valley named after Gideon--Alma2's army stopped here in pursuit of the Amlicites
Gideon, city of Alma 6:7 - City in Valley of Gideon--Alma2 preached here after giving up the Judgment Seat--Good people
Gilgal, city of 3 Ne 9:6 - City sunk into sea when Christ was crucified
Gilgal, valley of Ether 13:27 - Valley where Coriantumr2 and Shared fought several times
Gimgimno, city of 3 Ne 9:8 - City sunk and hills placed in its stead when Christ was crucified
Helam, city of Mosiah 23:19 - City founded by Alma1's followers after fleeing from Noah3 -- taken over by Lamanites/Amulonites who were pursuing Limhi's people
Hermounts Alma 2:37 - Location of the battle between the Nephites and Amlicites--Infested by ravenous beasts
Heshlon, plains of Ether 13:28 - Plains where Shared and Coriantumr2 fought
Heth, land of Ether 8:2 - Land where Jared2 fled, son of Omer
Irreantum 1 Ne 17:5 - Name given to the sea by Lehi and gang meaning many waters
Ishmael, land of Alma 17:19 - Land where Ammon2 went to meet Lamoni
Jacob, City of 3 Ne 9:8 - Wicked city buried as Jesus Died
Jacobugath 3 Ne 9:9 - City of secret cobination king that was the most wicked on all the earth burned and Christ's death
Jashon, land of Mormon 2:6 - City Near where Ammaron deposited plates for Mormon
Jershon Alma 27:22 - Land inhereted by the people of Ammon
Jerusalem, new world city of Alma 21:1 - City built by Lamanites/Amalekites/Amulonites - Aaron3 began mission here with Amalekites
Jordan, city of Moroni 5:3 - Nephite city defended for a time in last great battle
Josh, city of 3 Ne 9:10 - City burned by fire when Christ was crucified
Joshua, land of Mormon 2:6 - Land where young Mormon Led his troops to first victory in the last great battle
Judea, city of Alma 56:9 - City fortified by the 2000 stripling warriors
Kishkumen, city of 3 Ne 9:10 - City burned by fire when Christ was crucified
Laman, river of 1 Ne 2:5-9 - River flowing to Red Sea named after Laman1 by Lehi1
Laman, city of 3 Ne 9:10-11 - City burned by fire when Christ was crucified
Lehi1, city of Alma 50:25 - City located north by border and seashore--seized by Amalickiah
Lehi2, land of Helaman 6:10 - Land south where father Lehi1 origionally landed
Lehi-Nephi, city of Mosiah 7:1 - City founded by Zeniff in the Lamanite land under King Laman2
Lemuel, valley of 1 Ne 2:6 - Valley named after Lemuel by father Lehi1
Lemuel, city of Alma 23:12 - City converted to the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's (one of seven)
Manti, Hill of Alma 1:15 - Hill where Nehor suffered an ignominious death
Manti, city of/land of Alma 17:2 - Land toward which Alma2 journeyed as he met the sons of Mosiah2 - City held by Lamanites who were later suckered out by Helaman2 and taken by Gid and Teamnor
Melek, land of Alma 8:3 - City/land ministered to by Alma2 who was taken by hand of the Lord returning toward here - Place where those moving out of Jershon to make room for Anti-Nephi-Lehi's dwealt
Middoni, land of Alma 20:2 - Land where Aaron3, Muloki, and Ammah were imprisioned then delivered by Ammon2 and Lamoni
Midian, land of Alma 24:5 - Lamanite land where Ammon2 and brothers met after learning the Anti-Nephi-Lehis were to be attacked
Minon, land of Alma 2:24 - Nephite land above Zarahemla deserted as the Lamanite/Amlicite army approached
Mocum, city of 3 Ne 9:7 - City flooded after Christ's Death
Moriancumer, land of Ether 2:13 - Land of Jaredite encampment before using barges to go to promised land
Morianton, City of Alma 50:25 - City named after Morianton2-- The people tried to join the Lamanites were stopped by Teancum
Moriantum, Place of Mormon 9:9 - Place where Nephites sexually abused and ate women as a token of bravery--As described by Mormon2 to Moroni2
Moron, Land of Ether 7:6 - Land where most Jeredite Kings Dwealt
Mormon, Waters of/Land of Mosiah 18:4 - Place where Alma1 baptized his people as they hid from Noah3 next to the land of Lehi-Nephi
Moroni, city of Alma 62:25 - Nephite city lost to Lamanites during the King-men days - Sank into sea at the death of Christ
Moronihah, City of 3 Ne 8:10 - City buried by a mountain at Christ's Death
Mulek, city of Alma 51:25 - City taken by Amalekiah and suckered back by Teancum
Mulek, land of Helaman 6:10 - Land in the north (Lehi1 went south) named after Mulek, the son of Zedekiah
Nahom 1 Ne 16:34 - Place where Father Ishmael was buried on the arabian penninsula - "To groan , be sorry, console oneself" in Hebrew
Nehor, Land of Ether 7:4 - Jaredite land dwealt in by Corihor1 after he rebelled against his father Kib. Corihor1 was later defeated in the city of Nehor by his brother Shule and restored the kingdom to his fater, Kib.
Nephi, Land of, City of, Alma 22:1 - Land separated from Zarahemla by the narrow strip of land - Founded by Lehi1 then left for Zarahelmla during Mosiah1's reign.
Nephihah, City of Alma 50:14 - Built by Moroni1 - First city retaken by Moroni1 and Pahoran1 - climbed inside during the night without any casualties
Nimrod, valley of Ether 2:1 - Valley north of babel in old world named after the mighty hunter - a gathering place for Jared1's family
Noah, land of Alma 49:12 - Weakest part of Nephite land - Fortified by Moroni1 - Lamanites made oath to take the city - bad idea
Ogath, place of Ether 15:8-10 - Jaredite place of gathering of all people for final battle between Shiz and Coriantumr1
Omner, city of Alma 51:26 - City captured by Amalickiah while Moroni1 was fighting Kingmen
Onidah2, hill of Alma 32:4 - Hill where Alma2 preached to humble Zoramites
Onidah1 Alma 47:1-5 - Place of Arms for the Lamanites
Onihah, city of 3 Ne 9:7 - City sunk into sea when Christ was crucified
Ramah, hill of Mormon 6:6 - Jaredite hill where Coriantumr2 gathered people for final jaredite battle. Also the hill where Mormon hid the records except for the plates for Moroni2 "Ram" is high place - called Cumorah by Nephites
Riplah, hill of Alma 43:31 - Hill concealing Moroni1's army before encircling Amalickiah in the river Sidon
Ripliancum, waters of Ether 15:8 - "many waters" where Coriantumr1 and Shiz fought
Sebus, waters of Alma 17:26 - Land of Ishmael watering hole - place of cutting off arms by Ammon2
Shazer, place of 1 Ne 16:13 - Place in arabian wilderness where Lehi stopped for hunting and broke a bow
Shelem Ether 3:1 - Mount where Christ touched the 16 stoned of the Brother of Jared
Shem, land of Mormon 2:20 - City fortified by Mormon near the end of the nephites
Shemlon, place of Mosiah 10:7 - Place near Zeniff's people - lamanite daughters taken from here by Priests of Noah3
Sherizah, tower of Moroni 9:7 - "tower" where women and children were stolen and raped and fed their husbands
Shilom, land of Mosiah 9:6 - Land given to Zeniff by Laman2 the king
Shim, hill of Mormon 1:3 - Hill where Ammoron deposited sacred records - later removed by Mormon2
Shimnilom, city of Alma 23:12 - One city converted by Ammon2 and brothers - became part of Anti-nephi-Lehis
Shurr, valley of Ether 14:28 - Valley mentioned during last battle between Coriantumr2 and Shiz
Sidom, Land of Alma 15:1 - Land where Alma2 and Amulek went after leaving Ammonihah - finding Zeezrom with a fever
Sidon, river of Alma 3:3 - River in Nephite land - site of many battles and baptisms
Siron, land of Alma 39:3 - Land near borders of Lamanites - site of Harlot Isabel - Corianton
Teancum, city of Mormon 4:3 - City near land of Desolation - its women and children were sacrificed to idols
Zarahemla, city of Omni 1:13 - City founded by decendents of Mulek - discovered by people of Mosiah1
Zeezrom, city of Alma 56:13 - City captured by Amalickiah while Moroni1 was in command
Zerin, mount Ether 12:30 - Mountain moved by the the Brother of Jared
Zion 1 Ne 13:37 - Land/People of the Lord
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