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6th Religion 12/18

Mr. Stickler's 12/18 Religion test cards.

Name 5 of the 10 Plagues. River of Blood, frogs, gnats, flies, disease/ pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, & death of first born.
What does the word "exodus" mean? Why is it important? The word means "departure". It is important because is describes the departure from slavery of the Israelites.
Where did Moses go after God appeared to him in the burning bush? Moses went to Egypt.
The Bible tells us that evil entered the world through _________________. Evil appeared through Original Sin.
What does the Red Sea symbolize to us today? The Red Sea symbolizes the waters of our Baptism.
God makes himself known to us through ___________________ ________________. God makes himself known through Divine Revelation.
Whose Feast Day did we celebrate on Monday, December 6th? We celebrated St. Nicholas of Myrna.
What were the 10 Plagues also known as? The "Great Acts of Judgment".
How many Plagues passed before the pharaoh gave in to Moses' requests? Pharaoh gave in after the 9th Plague (darkness).
What does "adonai" mean? It means "my Lord".
What does the word "Yahweh" mean? It means "I am".
What does the color green remind us of in the Liturgical Calendar (during Ordinary Time)? It reminds us of life and hope that comes from Christ.
Which book of the Bible mentions the 10 Plagues? The book of Exodus.
What were the Israelites also known as? They were also known as the "Hebrews".
Name one (1) thing that we do during Mass? We praise God and thank him for His many gifts.
Which day of the week is the Jewish holy day? Saturday is the Jewish holy day.
What is the first Sunday after Pentecost called? The Sunday after Pentecost is called Trinity Sunday.
What is the name of the three (3) important Sundays of Ordinary Time? 1. Trinity Sunday; 2. The Body and Blood of Christ; 3. Christ the King.
Who did Moses marry? Moses married Zipporah.
What is the foundation of our Liturgical year? Sundays are the foundation of the Liturgical year.
What does the word "genesis" mean? Genesis means "beginning".
Who was Moses' brother? Moses' brother was Aaron.
As an adult, where did Moses run away to? Moses ran away to Midian.
In the book of Exodus, whose family got the best land in Goshen? Jacob's family got the best lands in Goshen.
What is the Passover? The Passover was when God passed over all of Egypt taking the lives of ever first born Egyptian and sparing the Israelites.
What do we celebrate during the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ? We celebrate "the presence of Jesus Christ with us in the Eucharist in a special way".
What did God say to Moses after the ninth Plague? God said, "Prepare for your escape from Egypt."
Created by: sticklerpjpII



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