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ortho- clin med

common fractures, signs

bankhart lesion avulsion of glenoid
torus fx bubble in bones in kids' fxs
torus fx aka buckle fx
sail sign radial head fx
fx of ulna monteggia's fx
Galeazzi's fx fx of radius
risk of avascular problems scaphoid fx
angled volarly smith's fx
angled dorsally colle's fx
most common wrist fx scaphoid
scaphoid series xrays radial and ulnar deviation
palm strikes a hard surface hamate hook fx
scapholunate dissociation watson's test
signet ring test scaphoid lunate dissociation
APL DeQuerveins
EPB deQuervains
pain worse at night CTS
late finding of CTS thenar atrophy
additional tests for CTS blood glucose, RF
Boxer's fx neck of 5th metatarsal
Bennet's fx base of 1st metacarpal
Rolando's fx T or Y shaped fx of 1st metacarpal
reverse Bennet's fx base of 5th metacarpal
Gamekeeper's thumb rupture of ulnar collateral ligament
Gamekeeper's thumb weak pinch, swelling, decreased movement
gamekeeper's thumb laxity on radial deviation
Sequelae of gamekeeper's Stener's lesion
rupture of ED mallet finger
caused by hyperextension or dislocation of PIP volar plate injury
first compartment syndrome deQuervains
fish mouth should NOT be used for felon draining
lines of cervical xrays anterior vertebral, posterior vertebral, spinolaminal, spinous process
limitations of swelling for cervical xray 6 mm at C-2, 20 mm (2 cm)
C-1 fx odontoid view
emergency situation clear c-spine with "cross table" and AP, supine, lateral, to make sure no fxs
dx studies for musculotendinous strain pa, lateral, UA (to R/O pylonephritis), CBC, ESR
herniated nucleus pulposis positive SLR/ WLSLR
HNP positive tripod sign
sign for spondylolysis scotty dog collar
oblique view scotty dog view
spondylolysis pars interarticularis
spot view lumbosacral area
Created by: sarahpa
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