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Med. Term. Review13

Male anatomy and hormones

Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) causes seminiferous tubules to enlarge, stimulates spermatocytes in the testes to begin dividing.
Luteinizing hormone (LH) stimulates interstitial cells to begin to secrete testosterone
testosterone causes development of male sexual characteristics
ejaculation amount 2-5 mL of semen released containing 100-500 million spermatozoa
Erectile tissue of penis: two columns - corpora cavernosa located along the upper surface of the penis
Eerectile tissue of penis: third column - corpus spongiosum centered along the underside of the penis
vas deferens long duct that receives sperm from the epididymis, through the seminal vesicles and out through the ejaculatory duct into the prostate gland. Deposits into prostatic urethra.
seminiferous tubules tightly coiled tubules that produce spermatozoa or sperm. Testosterone is produced here.
epididymis long, coiled tube over 20 ft. that attaches to the overwall of each testis. Empties into the vas deferans. Route of sperm continues.
scrotum (balls) soft pouch of skin behind the penis between the legs. Contains testes.
Testis egg-shaped gland about 2 inches in length. Contains seminiferous tubules.
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