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patient as a beam em

patient as a beam emitter

RadiographyPatient as a beam emitter
Attenuation reduction in photons remaining in beam after passing through a given thickness of material
Increased part thickness results in? increased attenuation
What is the radiographers greatest variable? the patient
Attenuation = scatter + absorption
Atomic number and density of air is atomic #7.78, density 1.29
Atomic number and density of fat is? atomic # 6.46, density 916
Atomic number and density of water is ? atomic # 7.51, density 1000
Atomic number and density of muscle is ? atomic # 7.64, density 1040
Atomic number and density of bone is ? Atomic # 12.31, density 1650
Which has low tissue density and absorbs few photons? air
Which has tissue density similar to water? fat
Which has an effective atomic number slightly less than muscle? fat
Calcium is among the _______ atomic number of elements found in the body. highest
Which absorbs a lot of photons? bone
What is the patients relationship to image quality subject density, subject contrast, subject detail, subject distortion
What is subject density? how tightly it's packed
What is subject contrast? different body compostions in relation to each other
Subject detail is dependent on what? position within the body and the body's placement in relationship to the IR
Created by: akd72012