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Need To Knows

S1 Exam Review

Moral absolute #1 Never do evil to achieve good
Moral Absolute #2 Never take innocent human life
Identifies good and bad with reward and punishment reward/punishment
Makes desicions based on what feels good or bad me first
right is what pleases other; wrong is what displeases them pleasing other
duty & law determine right from wrong it's your duty
commonly accepted standards determines right & wrong what society stands for
right and wrong are based on universal ethical principles it's the principle of things
sin committed by Adam original sin
Effect of sin weakened will
effect of sin darkened intellect
object if grave matter; full knowledge; full consent moral
Three determining factors of the two fold effect risk, intent, knowledge
less serious sin; disobeys law without full consent of will venial
Difference between animals & humans in which animals can do the same thing but humans do it better degree
animals & humans do same things but it is more complex in humans superficial difference
difference in humans & animals in which we have the ability to think & choose radical difference
two faculties of the soul intellect and will
Chasity in which we are called to develop chaste pure friendships, proper use of sexual powers, modesty, purity in every way single chasity
chasity in which we are called to have purity & fidelity; calls us to live a life of purity reserving sexual intercourse for marriage married chasity
safe sex abstinence
refraining from sexual acts abstinence
an offense of chasity lust
rare hormonal imbalance or genetic problem causes of homoness genetic
Rule that states: do unto others as you would life to be done unto golden rule
basic moral principle #1 do good avoid evil
basic moral principle #2 golden rule
Basic moral principle #3 the end does not justify the means
basic moral principle #4 natural law
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