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S1 Exam Review

determining right from wrong morality
fundamental law; rule; code of conduct principle
that which is good moral
that which is bad immoral
that which is neither good or bad amoral
the ability of knowing right from wrong & choosing what is right personal integrity
desire to sin concupiscence
tells another's faults & failings to persons who did not know them detraction
correct conduct for life bio ethics
judgment of the intellect conscience
the quality of being dignity
spiritual principle within each human soul
virtue that orients all our sexual desires, emotions & attractions toward the true good of another; real meaning of true love chastity
ability to form bonds or unions with others affectivity
how you look feel, think, behave sexuality
development stages that is not understood can lead to different orientations intimacy
the attraction to opposite sex heterosexuality
attraction to same sex homosexuality
attraction to both sexes bisexuality
inordinate desire for or enjoyment of sexual pleasure; breaks commandments 6 & 9 lust
turns person into an object of sexual gratification prostitution
deliberate sexual gratification masturbation
act of violence against women; desire for control rape
when sexual intimacy becomes an object of profit porn
dignity we give ourselves achievement
gift given by the creator endowment
two become one flesh fidelity
means by which man & women give themselves to each other conjugal sexuality
the ability to do what I should freedom
that which is good or bad for all people, at all times, under all circumstances moral absolutes
law written of God in nature natural law
fecundity the quality or power of producing abundantly
abortifacient anything that prevents the natural formation of the embryo causing it to be aborted
Created by: christianex3
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