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BR - Pathology I/C

Board Review - Pathology Indications & Contraindications

A client comes in and indicates that he/she is experiencing depression. What do you do? Have the client seek professional counseling.
What is the role of a LMT when consulting with a doctor about a particular medical condition? The LMT should follow the doctor's prescribed course of treatment.
What should you do if a client comes into the office and states that he is not feeling well? Refer to a personal physician
Which of the following hydrotherapy applications are contraindicated for a patient with a heart condition? all
A client who is HIV positive displays no symptoms. How do you treat him/her? as usual
Which endangerment site must be avoided when working the gracilis muscle? femoral vein
What condition is present when there is an abrasion that is red and hot? acute inflammation
How should the massage therapist proceed if the massage produces ecchymosis? stop
What should the massage therapist do if a client presents with high blood pressure? refer to physician
When working on the axillary region, what body structure requires the massage therapist to use caution? brachial artery
Massaging the left and right scm muscles simultaneously is contraindicated due to what body structure? common carotid artery
What body structures indicate that deep massage should be avoided in the antecubital fossa? medial nerve
A 50 year old obese man informs the therapist that he has had a painful swelling in his right ankle for several weeks. What should the therapist do? do not massage without first getting a diagnosis
Massage is contraindicated in which of the following conditions? Psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, acute herpes acute herpes
What should you do if a client reports having suicidal thoughts? Refer to a mental health practitioner
What accommodations might be necessary for a client with cystitis? Frequent bathroom breaks
What should the massage therapist avoid doing when testing range of motion on the lower extremity of a supine client? hyperextension of the knee
What is the best treatment for a client who presents with swollen lymph nodes in the neck and groin? refer for diagnosis
Durring assessment it is noticed that your client is breathing with rapid shallow breaths that require the use of the accessory muscles of inspiration. Your client may be experiencing what type of emotional state? anxiety
For someone with osteoporosis, what type of exercise would be most beneficial to stimulate bone growth? weight bearing exercises
What is the best approach when treating someone with extreme varicose ulcer veins? massage is locally contraindicated for extreme varicose veins or ulcers as well as anywhere distal to the site
What is the best treatment for traumatic periostitis? refer to dr to rule out acute exertional compartment syndrome
What method cleanses but does not kill all pathogens? disinfectant
Which is the best medium for massaging acne scars? lanolin
Spleen massage is indicated when which of the following is present? Leukocytes, stress, gallstone, anemia anemia
With the exception of Buerger's Disease, what is the best approach with vascular occlusive disease? no massage
How do you treat ecchymosis while massaging a client? consult physician
Why is massage contraindicated for someone with thrombophlebitis? breakdown of thrombus could lead to pulmonary embolism
What is the best treatment plan if a client reports having diverticulitis? refer client to physician
For what type of headache is massage an effective analgesic treatment? chronic tension
What is indicated when signs and symptoms of pathological condtions are present, but no diagnosis by a qualified medical professional has been made? a referral for diagnosis
Which strokes should be done on the upper back to release mucous? cupping & tapotement
What is the recommended treatment for the acute stage of tennis elbow? rest and relief from pain
Which area may be massaged and heated after a dislocated olecranon (elbow)? shoulder
Is massage for constipation indicated or contraindicated? indicated
Should the use of friction around the joints of someone with chronic rheumatoid arthritis be painful? no
What stroke is used for swelling of the knee? effleurage
What massage technique is best for tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon and sheath)? transverse friction
In cases of venostasis with no obstruction, how should massage be performed? proximal to the area
Your client has chronic shoulder pain which has gotten worse over time and now includes tingling in arm and fingers. What should you do? massage and refer to primary health care professional
When massaging in the area between the biceps and triceps which nerve could you endanger? median nerve
You have a client with athlete's foot. How is it best to proceed with the massage? do not massage the feet
A client is sweating and complains of chest pains radiating to the let side. What should you do? call an ambulance
What should you do if you are working on a client and he/she complains of pain as a result of your massage? lighten pressure and continue with communication
Which of the following conditions receives benefits from cupping massage techniques? Chronic headache, acute traheitis, brohiectasis, acute bronchitis bronchiectasis
Which massage techniques are used to alleviate respiratory congestion? percussion and shaking
Which stroke might stimulate expectoration in a client with chronic respiratory disease? percussion
Which massage technique is appropriate for chronic swelling of the patella? effleurage
Which massage technique is contraindicated for treating a muscle cramp? tapotement
Which movement is best used on scar tissue? friction
What is the best massage technique for inter-costal muscles/ friction
What are the best techniques for spastic hemiplegia? soothing effleurage and stretching
Why would you petrissage the colon? impacted feces
How should you massage the scalenes? downward and away from the spine
How does deep massage relieve muscle spasm? hyperemia and increased local circulation
What is deep friction especially beneficial for? fibrous ankylosis
What is the best massage technique for chronic sprain? transverse friction
Which two massage techniques best relieve muscle cramps? effleurage and petrissage
What is the best treatment for a client who has recently had a heart attack? effleurage and petrissage to limbs
For which condition should you use deep friction? collateral ligament sprain
What is the best treatment for acute cervical muscle strain? RICE Rest Ice Compression Elevation
What is the best treatment for sub-acute ankle inflammation? deep stroking on the calf
Which massage techniques are best suited to treat edema? effleurage and kneading
When treating bronchiectasis, how should you position the patient? prone, feet elevated, head down
After a routine of resistance with weights, you might feel sore. What would most likely be the cause of this tenderness? eccentric contraction
What do you do when a patient/client has a surgical scar with pain radiating below the area? refer to physician
Which muscle is weak or inhibited in hyperlordosis? rectus abdominus
Which muscle is short in hyperlordosis? rectus femoris
In treating a patient with hyperkyphosis, which muscles should the massage therapist try to lengthen and relax? Pectorals
In treating a patient with hyperlordosis, which muscle should the massage therapist try to lengthen and relax? quadratus lumborum
Someone with carpal tunnel syndrome is referred to a massage therapist for treatment. Why might the muscles of the shoulder girlde and neck be part of the treatment? Some symptoms of nerve compression at the pec minor & between ant and mid scalenes can be similar to medial nerve compression at wrist & discomfort in hand/wrist can lead to hypertonicity of muscles in the affected arm and shoulder.
When is there a contraindication for massage? Hay fever, fever, fatigue, low back pain fever
What is a sound principal to follow regarding contraindications? When in doubt, do not
What massage technique is usually indicated for acute atrophic arthritis? all
What characterizes communicable diseases? they spread
What word describes a chronic condition? continued
In regard to massage therapy, how do you consider an acute condition? contraindicated
How many weeks does a surgical patient usually require to recover before massage is indicated? as soon as incisions are healed - 10 days to 2 weeks
How should varicose veins be treated? not at all
Why should a massage therapist avoid massaging acne? it could be painful, it could become infected, it could spread
During pregnancy, which area should you avoid massaging with deeper pressure? legs and abdomen
Which is a sign of inflammation? redness
How should patients who have cancer be treated? with physician approval
How should a person living with HIV/Aids be treated? with physician approval
Is ice indicated for intercostal neuralgia? no
Is ice indicated for trauma and acute conditions? yes
Is heat indicated for chronic conditions? yes
When tenosynovitis is acute, is massage indicated? no
Is sacroiliac sprain contraindicated for massage? no
What is the most important information to know when you treat your client? medical history
When do you never massage an area? when the client says no
A client with chronic psoriasis requests massage. What should you do? Massage is ok, but not in the affected area.
A client has a car accident just prior to arriving at your office. What should you do? refer to physician
If a medical massage is given to one limb, does it have to be given to the other limb? no
A client requesting a massage treatment explains he is trying to get relief from severe lower back pain. Which medical condition could produce these symptoms and be contraindicated to massage? herniated disc
Which is not contraindicated for massage? Lymphangitis, advanced nephritis, acute dermatitis, sacroiliac sprain sacroiliac sprain
The massage technique known as tapotement should never be used over which area? kindeys
Which is true of massage when Pott's disease is present? contraindicated in acute phase
Which massage technique is usually indicated for acute rheumatoid arthritis? contraindicated
When is massage contraindicated in acute cases? all cases
In which condition is a hot full immersion bath not indicated? cardiovascular disease
In which case is massage contraindicated? Jaundice, insomnia, arthritis, bursitis? jaundice
What type of massage is indicated for lupus (lupus erythematosus)? contraindicated
When is massage contraindicated? Scar tissue, headache due to circulation, non-acute ecchymosis, redness & swelling redness and swelling
Which condition is indicated for local massage? Sprain, headache, scar tissue? all
Which is the first primary consideration before beginning massage treatment? determine if contraindications are present
Massage is contraindicated when a client has a headache along with which symptom? nausea and drowsiness
Which of the following records is most often used during the initial visit? medical history
In which case is there contraindication for joint mobilization? inflammation
The palpation of which body part helps locate a common endangerment site? medial epicondyle of humerus
Which endangerment site is located behind the knee? popliteal artery
What is a common indication for abdominal massage? constipation
What is expected after a massage treatment? increase blood flow
To a massage therapist, abnormal body temperature, acute infection disease, inflammation and varicose veins are all examples of what? contraindications
What are post-fracture care, torticollis, and amputations stumps considered for massage? indicated
When is the percussion massage technique contraindicated? post-operative abdominal surgery
What are three contraindications for massage? phlebitis, aneurysm, impetigo
Why are ligament injuries slow to heal? poor blood supply
Chest percussion is indicated in which situation? chronic bronchitis
Which endangerment site is located in the anterior elbow? Median cubital vein
Which endangerment site would you need to avoid when compressing the sternum? xiphoid process
Which is an absolute contraindication to massage? shock
Where is the endangerment site in which carotid sinus is located? anterior triangle of the neck
Intense percussion would be contraindicated with which condition? Ecchymosis
If a client came to you and he/she recently had major surgery, should you give the patient a massage? with permission of the physician
When massaging the anterior neck, what structure should be avoided? carotid arter, vagus nerve, internal jugular vein
When massaging the adductor longus and sartorius, what structures are to be avoided? femoral triangle
Which of the following are contraindications for massage? Fever, inflammation, a lump, all of the options all
When is it always a contraindication for massage? the client says no
Which endangerment site is bordered by the clavicle, sternum, and pectoralis major? subclavian vein
In which condition is deep massage most damaging? acute myositis and flaccidity
Which is a contraindication for massage? chicken pox
When would massage be most damaging? acute poliomyelitis
When is massage most appropriate? Systemic non-pitting edema, acute rheumatoid arthritis, local venostasis local venostasis
Pressure near or on the insertion of the biceps femoris may endanger what? common peroneal nerve
When should you not use a mechanical vibrator? on anyone wearing a pacemaker
What is the best position for massaging the back of a pregnant woman? on her side
In which condition is massage contraindicated? keloid scars
When is massage indicated? insomnia
Why is the massage of infections contraindicated? could spread infection
Massage is most therapeutic in ? sub-acute rheumatoid arthritis
What body structures indicate that deep massage should be avoided in the antecubital fossa? medial nerve
Which technique can endanger the kidneys? percussion in lower thoracic region of the back
Why is massage to large varicose veins in the legs contraindicated? a clot can dislodge
For which condition may massage be most therapeutic? sub-acute rheumatoid arthritis
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