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KPE 250---Exam 2

When controlling bleeding, you should remove blood soaked dressings before applying additional ones False
When elevating an arm to control bleeding, you should also apply direct pressie to the wound True
Dressings are placed directly on wounds true
internal bleeding is more common than external bleeding false
a laceration is cut skin with jagged edges true
a bandage is applied over a wound to hold a dressing in place true
all open wounds can become infected true
tetanus is communicable from one person to another false, it is not
a bandage should be clean, but does not need to be sterile. true
if a victim can wiggle their fingers, a write bandage is not tight enough false, it is tight enough
ACE bandages can be used to apply compression on sprains, strains, and contusions. true
it is appropriate to apply an ice pack to a sprained ankle true
guarding occurs when motion produces pain true
to check for a fractured are, you should have the victim move their arm false
CSM stands for cold sweating motion false, circulation, swelling, movement
the medical term for a bruise contusion
an injury in which muscle fibers are torn or damaged strain
which of the following is not a sign or symptom of a dislocated shoulder the victim holds their arm across their body and supports it with the uninjured side
which of the following statements is true you should only realign a fracture if there is absent circulation and you are more than an hour from a hospital
which of the following types of splints can be used on a fractured leg a ridged splint an anatomic splint
which of the following should be done to treat for a fractured femur? splint the legs by tying them together leave the victim on a hard surface and monitor the victim for shock
which of the following is a sign or symptom of a heart attack chest pains that last longer than 3 minutes--no slurred speech or blurred vision
care for a suspected heart attack give the victim one adult aspirin if they are alert, able to swallow and not allergic-have the victim lie on the ground and raise their legs 6-12 inches and help the victim take nitroglycerin if they have it
which of the following is a risk factor for having a stroke: victim is 50 years or older victim has never used birth control pills victim has low blood pressure victim has low cholesterol levels 50 years of age or older
which of the following is not a trigger for an asthma attack: victim has a history of heart attacks victim is exposed to cold air victim works in a dusty environment victim is exposed to high tree pollen levels victim has a history of heart attacks
the rounded part of the hip bone iliac crest
to wrap a hip flexor strain you should pull the wrap from medial to lateral around the leg and hip
the spleen is located in the upper left abdominal quadrant
what is the order in which you should attempt a water rescue? reach throw row go
the US coast guard defines cold water as water below what temperature 70 degrees F
what is a factor that increases your likelihood of surviving cold water immersion a person has a large amount of body fat
what electrical voltage is considered high voltage 1000 volts
when fitting a cane use which anatomic landmark of the hip? the greater trochanter of the femur
list three non-emergency move described by the AAOS text for moving a victim Piggy back, shoulder drag, firefighters carry, two person assist, cradle carry
list three techniques you can use to control bleeding from an open wound apply pressure, apply dressing, elevate wound if still bleeding, apply pressure to proximal pulse
indicate where the ulnar nerve is located, describe its most superficial location and its significance the ulnar nerve is located on the arm near the elbow. this is where you hit when you hurt your "funny bone"
dislocation in which bones are displaced from their normal joint alignment, out of their sockets, or out of their normal positions
sprain which involve the tearing or stretching of joints, causing mild to severe damage to the ligaments and joint capsules
fracture breaks in bones that may or may not be accompanied by open wounds
tendinitis inflammation of a tendon due to overuse
laceration a wound made by the tearing or cutting of body tissues
abrasion injury consisting of the loss of the partial thickness of skin from rubbing or scraping on a hard, rough surface; also called brush burn, friction burn, or rug burn
avulsion an injury that leave a piece of skin or other tissue either partially or completely torn away from the body
puncture deep, narrow wounds in the skin and under lying organs
Signs of dislocated shoulder extreme plain in the shoulder area, there is a squared off deformity at the shoulder, the victim's fingers go numb
T or F numbess and tingling are not common distal to a fracture site F
T or F treat unsplinted fractures with RICE F
T or F Fractures and dislocation should be cared for very differently by a first aider F
Care for a suspected heart attack Give the victim one adult aspirin if they are alert, able to swallow, and not allergic have the victim lie on the ground and raise their legs 6-12 inches Help the victim take nitroglycerin if they have it