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Fetal Pig Anatomy

Anatomy of the Fetal Pig

Where does the digestive tract start and end? Starts at mouth, ends at anus
Purpose of saliva? softens food for digestion
Function of Epiglottis? prevents food from entering trachea while swallowing
Fetal pigs recieve nourishment from their mother through the __________? Umbilical cord
The stomach of the fetal pig won't be empty because they also drink __________? Amniotic fluid
How many lobes in the liver? Five
Functions of liver? Bile production, glycogen storage, detoxification of poisons
Function of gall bladder? stores and releases bile into small intestine
Function of pancreas? secretes pancreatic juice, aid in digestion
Membranes that attach internal organs to body wall? Viscera
Animals with multiple stomachs are called? Ruminants
Ridges inside the stomach? Rugae
Function of Rugae? increase area for release of digestive enzymes
Where in the stomach is each of these found? - esophageal - cardiac -pyloric esophageal- upper cardiac- middle left pyloric- bottom left
1st section of intestine? Duodenum
What is the jejunum? middle section of small intestine
What is the ileum? final section of small intestine
Where can sphincters be found? stomach
Function of sphincter? stops food from going back up into the esophagus
soupy, partly digested material? chyme
Another name for the large intestine? colon
Function of colon/large intestine? absorbs vitamins, compacts feces, finishes digesting
straight, terminal part of large intestine? rectum
Lungs are found in which body cavity? Thoracic
Tissue that covers and protects the lungs? Pleura
Where is the epiglottis? above the glottis at top of trachea
Where is the pharynx located? posterior to mouth and nasal cavity
Function of the larynx? recieves air, food, and water, holds vocal cords
What keeps trachea from collapsing? cartiloginous rings
Function of diaphragm? Separate heart from other organs
Large tubes that enter lungs? Bronchi
Small tubes that branch from bronchi Bronchioles
Air sacs for gas exchange? Alveoli
What is the pericardium? double layered sac that encloses the heart
Difference between atria and ventricles? Atria are smaller and thinner than ventricles
Into what chamber does the superior and posterior vena cava open? Right atrium
From what chamber does the aorta rise? Left ventricle
To what structures do the pulmonary arteries lead? lungs
What does the ductus arteriosis close off at the time of birth? closes the shunt that allows blood to bypass the lungs
Function of coronary circulation? passes nutrients, gases, hormones, blood cells, etc to and from cells in the body
What results when coronary circulation is prevented in humans? heart attack and/or death
In what 2 systems does the epiglottis function? Digestive and Respiratory
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