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Islam flashcards

Ma'Rifa As Though You See Him
5 Pillars Shahadah, Salah, Zakah, Sawm, Hajj
Majalla First Civil Law in Muslim country (ottoman empire)
Muraqaba To know He sees you
Rasul Messenger
Sawm Fasting, 4th Pillar
Shaykh, Pir Sufi Master
Layat-al-qadr "Night of Power" after Ramadan
Dhu al Hijjah Season of Hajj
Hijrah Journey to Medina (622)
Ijma Community concensus of scholars
Sunnah Practice of Prophet
Wali Sufi Saint
Ayatollah Senior Mujtahidun, makes religious rulings
Mujtahidun Shi'a doctor of law
Hajj Pilgrimmage to Mecca, 5th Pillar
Ramadan Month of Fasting
Zakah Almsgiving, 2.5% of annual cash balance.
Salah Regular prayer, 5 times/day, towards mecca
Hadith Sharif Hadith of Muhammad
Hadith Quidsi Hadith of God
Hafiz One who memorizes the Qur'an
Tariqah Purification through self-mortification.
Sufism Fiqh concerned with spirit, inner spiritual life.
Heaven Mi Raj
Imam Sunni- Prayer leader Shi'a- Leaders appointed by god
Salafs =Before Births Al Queida movement, 18th century
Abu Bakr Muhammad's First Succesor
Wahabbis Radical Muslims, against modernity
6 Beliefs One God, Prophets and Messengers, Angels, Resurrection and Judgement, Revealed books, All is decreed by God
Jibril Gabriel
Injil Gospels
Hadith Stories of important religious figures
Islamic Law Shari'a
Struggle/Holy War Jihad
Pilgrimmage center in Mecca Ka'ba
Beginning of Islam 610 AD
Hadith SAT's Sayings, Actions, and Tacit Approval
Islam Submission to God
Shahadah Testimony of faith, there is no god but god and muhammad is his prophet. 1st pillar
Abd worshipper
Tawrat Torah
Suhufs Revealed Scrolls
Kutubs Revealed Books
Angels (details) Made of Light, Not male or Female, record actions of humans
Tawhid Oneness of God
Zabur Psalms
Prophet Nabi
Maqams Steps of Sufi Path
Worship Ibada
Sources of Sharia Qur'an, Sunnah, Ijma (community consensus)
Mu'amallat Workday Stuff
Surah Chapter of Qur'an
Ayah Verse of Qur'an
Iman Fiqh concerned with mind, beliefs
Fiqh Limbs
Ihsan Concerned with soul/perfection. Sufi concentration
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