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St.Julie& LI-AL

need-to-know for 1st semester exam:) aldegonda and lizette & ST.JULIE!

St.Julie's place of birth, and father's occupation: Born: Cuvilly France 1751 Father: Has a small wares shop and farmed.
What was St.Julie's physical condition, and how was she healed? After a "drive-by" at her father's shop, Julie became PARTIALLY PARALIZED. Her preist had her PRAY A NOVENA and COMANDED HER TO GET UP AND WALK.
St.Julie's Motto: GOD IS SO GOOD
Who was St.Julie's good friend? Francoise Blin de Bourdon
What was Julie's vision? A crucifix was surrounded by many women in unfamiler religous dress. She heard a voice saying "Behold the daughters whome I shall give to you in an institie which shall be marked by the Cross."
When did the story of Aldegonda and Lizette start? Coesfeled Germany - winter of 1848.
Where did Li and Al work and what did they do? Worked as teachers together and lived in Coesfeld Germany.
What were Aldegonda and Lizette's sister names? Aldegonda: Siter Mary Aloysia Lizette: Sister Mary Ignatia
Who came to America and who came to Holland and why? Aldegonda came to America Lizette went to Holland they had to move out of Germany because of the political unrest there.
What Father helped the Sisters? Father Elting
When was the first NDA built? 1904
Where are the four SND providences in the US? Thousand Oaks, California Toledo, Ohio Chardon, Ohio Covington, Kentucky
What is Charism? Living our a spirit of passion....
what does "Notre Dame" mean? Our Lady (MARY)
What mission began in 1960-61? Mission to Paupa New Guinea.
What buildings are on our campus? Provincial Center, Notre Dame Academy, NDJA, Mary Imaculate, Maria Early Learning Center.
What year did the Toledo Province become Independent? 1924
Why did AL and LI take care of orphans? They were living out their Charism
Created by: cowluvr14
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