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Study Guide

Scriptures Exam Review

How many books are there in the Old Testament? 46 books
What does the word testament mean? testament = covenant = promise
Name the four sections of the Old Testament. Pentateuch, Historical Books, Prophetic Books, Wisdom Books
What is the imprimatur? an official license to print or publish a book, pamphlet, etc., indicating that the article is approved by the Catholic Church
What does the word Pentateuch mean? Five Books
What does the word Torah mean? Instruction
List the books of the Pentateuch. Genesis; Exodus; Leviticus; Numbers; Deuteronomy
What is the word that we used to describe the fact that the writers of the books of the bible were guided by God? Inspired
Name Adam and Eve's children. Cain, Abel, and Seth
What does the word Genesis mean? Beginning
Who is the father of biblical faith? Abraham
Where was Abraham born? The city of Ur, which is present day Iraq.
Who was Abraham's wife? Sarah
Who was Abraham's concubine (secondary wife)? Hagar
Who was Abraham's nephew? Lot
What was the name of Abraham's son (with Hagar)? Ishmael
What was the name of Abraham's son (with Sarah)? Isaac
What were Sodom and Gomorrah? The cities that God destroyed because of their wickedness.
What happened to Lot's wife? She was turned into a pillar of salt because she disobeyed God's instruction.
Why were Hagar and Ishmael sent away? What is the religious truth to be learned from this story? They were sent away because of Sarah's jealously. The religious truth here is that god rescues the abused and abandoned.
What religious truth do we learn from the story of Abraham's attempt to sacrifice Isaac? The religious truth is that God does not want human sacrifice but total trust in Him.
Who was Rebekah? Isaac's wife.
Who was Laban? Rebekah's brother.
The word Exodus comes from the Greek word for what? Departure
What was the relationship of the Israelites to the Egyptians at the time in the book of Exodus? The Israelites were living as slaves to the Egyptians.
Of which of the 12 tribes of Israel was Moses a descendant? Levi
What did the Pharaoh order to happen to the Israelites [Book of Exodus]? He ordered the killing of all male Hebrew babies. Primarily first born sons.
What happened to Moses as a baby? Moses was placed in a basket (or ark) by his mother and was rescued and raised by Pharaoh's daughter.
What did Moses do as an adult that made him have to flee from the Pharaoh? Moses killed an Egyptian for abusing a Hebrew slave and had to flee in fear of Pharaoh.
What was Jacob's name changed to? Israel
Who were Abraham's two sons? Ishmael and Isaac
What was the mountain where Moses received the Law from God? Mount Sinai
Who was one of the spies who came back from Canaan with a report. He had faith in God's promise to deliver the land to Israel. Joshua
What was the miraculous food that the Israelites ate in the desert? Manna
What BOOK was a constitution - a group of laws that govern the nation? Deuteronomy
Who was Moses' brother? Aaron
What was the tent that served a meeting place and temple for the Israelites while they wandered in the desert? Tabernacle
What is the BOOK of the bible that comes from the census taken in the desert? Numbers
What prayer is recited by Jewish people in the morning and in the evening? This word means "hear". Shema
What is the worship of man-made images as though they were gods? Idolatry
What was an ornate box that held the tablets of the Law? Ark of the Covenant
What Priestly book designed to teach Israel how to be a holy people? Leviticus
What were the names of Isaac's sons? Jacob and Esau
With whom was Samuel living when he was called by God? Eli the Priest
Who does Samuel anoint as the first king of Israel? Saul
Saul is disobedient to God, and so Samuel is sent to find a new king. To which city and to what family is he sent? Bethlehem, the family of Jesse
Who does Samuel anoint to be the next king of Israel? David
What is the name of the Philistine giant slain by David? Goliath
Who is David's best friend? Jonathan - Saul's son
What is the name of the woman that David marries while he is running from Saul? Abigail
Which son of David becomes king upon David's death? For what is he most known? Solomon - He is best known for wisdom and building the temple
What is the name of the prophet who becomes David's advisor? Nathan
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