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Industrial Revolution

What was transformed by the Industrial Revolution? society and economy
During the Industrial Revolution from where did people move and to where did they move? from the farms to the cities
For what type of work did people move to the cities? factory work
What was the most important natural resource? coal
What were the first type of factories built? textile
Why was England the first country to industrialize? had the factors needed for industrialization
Why did cities grow during this time period? less people needed on farms
What happened to farmers during the enclosure movement? forced to move to cities for jobs
What did the Lowell method use? female workers
What two inventions helped get supplies to factories? steam locomotive and steamboat
How could workers get changes in working conditions? trade unions
What invention sped up the weaving process? flying shuttle
What method used identical, easy-to-assemble parts? interchangeable parts
What invention enabled spinners to spin cotton more rapidly? spinning jenny
What invention allowed safer travel on streets at night? electric light bulb
What are the four means of production? natural resources, capital, labor, entrepreneurship
What are three types of economies from Factory Day? cottage industry, communism, capitalism
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