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HSS Ch. 6

All four sections of Chapter 6

Sunni Ali (Died 1492) Emperor of Songhai, he conquered Mali and made Songhai into a powerful state.
Askia the Great (c. 1443-1538) Songhai ruler, he overthrew Sunni Baru. His reign was the high point of Songhai culture.
oral history a spoken record of past events
griots West African storytellers
proverbs short sayings of wisdom or truth
The Dausi tells the history of Ghana
kente a hand-woven, brightly colored fabric
silent barter a process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly
Tunka Manin (ruled 1068) King of the Empire of Ghana, his kingdom was visited by Muslim writers
What were the two most valuable resources traded in Ghana? gold and salt
What did Ghana's kings do with the money they raised from taxes? built a powerful army
Why did the rulers of Ghana not want everyone to have gold? because the rulers knew that rare materials were far more valuable than common ones.
The Almoravids invaded Ghana in the late 1000s
How did overgrazing help cause the fall of Ghana? Overgrazing left the soil exposed to hot desert winds, making the land worthless for farmers.
Sundiata (died 1255) Founder of the Empire of Mali, his reign is recorded in legends.
Mansa Musa (died c. 1332) Mali's greatest and most famous ruler, he was a devout Muslim. He made a famous pilgrimmage to Mecca that helped spread Mali's fame.
cotton a new crop that Sundiata introduced to Mali.
Mansas had both political and religious roles in society.
What was the first stop on Mansa Musa's hajj? Cairo, Egypt
Tuareg Nomads from the Sahara who attacked and siezed Timbuktu in 1431
Takrur A kingdom in Northern Mali that declared its independence
Gao a city that declared its independence from Mali in the 1400s.
Maghan Mansa Musa's son
Much of the land that Sunni ALi added to Songhai came from this empire Mali
arquebus early form of a gun
Morocco looted and took over Timbuktu and Gao
Two mineral resources in West Africa salt and gold
What religious belief is often held by people who rely on nature for survival? animism
Technology and trade Had enourmous impact on the growth of West Africa
How did Sundiata gain more power in Mali? He took power away from local leaders
What did Mansa Musa do to promote religious tolerance? He allowed miners to keep their own religion
How did early West African villages survive? hard work and strong families
Trade routes in Africa went in what direction? Salt was carried south while gold was carried north.
What role did the elders play in village life? They taught family traditions
Why is most of what we know about early West Africa from the writings of travelers from Spain and Asia? Because the people of West Africa rarely traveled beyond their empires.
Why did Ghana's rulers force traders to pay taxes? They were smart businessmen
What is a similarity between the Ghana and Mali empires? They both lay on the upper Niger river
Men and women in traditional West African society were... loyal to their extended families and age sets.
True or False, Sunni Ali was bad for the empires of western Africa False! He brought peace and stability to the area
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