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Final Exam


bronchospasm involuntary contraction of bronchial tubes
bronchiectasis stretching of the bronchial tubes
pneumoconiosis dust in the lungs
orthopnea breathing discomfort
pleurodynia pain of pleura
atelectasis collapsed lung
empyema condition of pus in the pleural cavity
apnea no breathing
dyspnea painful breathing
hyperpnea increase in the depth of breathing
tachypnea increase in the rate of breathing
hemoptysis spitting blood
pyothorax pus in chest
basophil attraction to base
hemolysis breakdown of RBC
hematrocrit separation of blood
hemoglobinopathy disease of hemoglobin (protein in blood)
sideropenia lack of iron
spherocytosis round shaped RBC
plasmapheresis removal of plasma from blood
monoblast immature cell
hemoglobin blood protein
thrombosis abnormal condition of thrombocytes
hematopoiesis formation of blood cells
erythropoiesis formation of RBC
myelopoiesis formation of bone marrow
hemostasis stoppage of blood flow
immunoglobulin protein globulin which protects the body
lymphopoiesis formation of lymphocytes
anaphylaxis hypersensitivity of a foreign protein
ankylosis stiff joint
arthrotomy incision of a joint
achondroplasia no growth of cartilage
athrodesis to bind joints
fibromyalgia pain of fibrous muscle tissue
leiomyosarcoma mal tumor of smooth muscle
rhabdomyoma tumor of skeletal muscle
rhabdomyosarcoma mal. tumor of skeletal muscle
atrophy no development
hypertrophy excessive development
polymyalgia pain of many muscles
diaphoresis condition of profuse sweating
ichthyosis condition of dry, scaly skin
paronychia pt to near the nail
seborrhea excess secretion of sebum
steatoma tumor of sebaceous gland
ophthalmoplegia paralysis of eye muscle
aphakia no lens
amblyopia dull vision
diplopia double vision
glaucoma gray mass marked by increased intraoccular pressure
xerophthalmia dry eye
otopyorrhea discharge of pus from ear
presbycusis hearing loss due to aging
macrotia condition of large ears
glucagon hormone from pancreas causes sugar to be released into the blood
steroid organic compound with ring structure
epinephrine a substance produced by adrenal medulla which raises BP
cachexia ill health
mutation process of genetic change
dysplastic abnormal formation (growth) of cells
hyperplasia excess growth of cells
neoplasm new cell growth
anaplasia backward formation
brachytherapy radiation delivered in close range of tumor
teletherapy radiation delivered by far high energy beams
radioisotope radioactive form of an element
pyelogram recording of renal pelvis
CT beaming of x-rays at cross section
idiosyncrasy unpredictable type of drug toxicity
synergism combination of two drugs (joining)
anesthesia against sensation
iatrogenic condition caused by treatment
erythromycin antibiotic produced from red mold.
intrathecal into the spinal sheath
anaphylaxis exaggerated hypersensitivity to a previously encountered drug.
parenteral apart from the intestine
hallucinogen substance that causes false perception
hypnosis state of altered consciousness and suggestive command
schizophrenia split mind including delusions, hallucinations and disorganized thinking
psychosomatic PT effect of mind on body causing illness
dysphoria sad, depressed mood
cyclothymia mania altered with depression, mild form of bipolar
dysthymia depressed mood, milder than depression
hypomania mood disorder resembling mania but milder
paranoia abnormal mind, delusions of grandeur
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