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Final Exam


COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation
SOB shortness of breath
URI upper respiratory infection
ABO four main blood types
BMT bone marrow transplant
CBC complete blood count
BMT bone marrow transplant
Hct hematrocrit
PT prothrombin time
HSV herpes simplex virus
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
HIV human immunodeficiency syndrome
KS kaposi sarcoma
CTS carpal tunnel syndrome
L1, L2 lumbar vertebrae 1 and 2
SLE systemic lupus erethamatosus
T1, T2 thoracic vertebrae 1 and 2
EMG electromyography
Bx biopsy
DLE discoid lupus erythamatosus
PPD purifid protein derivatirve
OS left eye (oculus sinister)
OU both eyes (oculus uterque)
IOL intraoccular lens
ENT ears, nose, throat
SOM serous otitis media
ADH antidiuretic hormone
DI diabetes insipidus
FSH follicle stimulating hormone
PTH parathyroid hormone
CEA carcinoembroynic antigen
NHL non-hodgkin lymphoma
PSA prostate specific antigen
TNM tumor, nodes, metastases
XRT, RT radiation therapy
Ba barium
131I isotope of radioactive iodine
IVP intravenous pyelogram
PET positron emission tomography
US ultrasound
VQ scan ventilation perfusion scan
IM intramuscular
PDR Physicians Desk Reference
qAM every morning
t.i.d. three times a day
AD alzheimers disease
ADL activities of daily living
ECT electroconvulsive therapy
MR mental retardation
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