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Nervous System

LOM 10th edition Davi-Ellen Chabner

cardiologist specializes in study of diseases and disorders of the heart
cardiology the study of heart
carditis inflammation of heart
cardiac pertaining to the heart
dermatologist specializes in the study of diseases and disorders of the skin
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermatosis any condition of the skin
acrodermatitis inflammation of the skin of the extremities
hypodermic pertaining to under the skin
logy study of
logist one who specializes in
itis inflammation
ac pertaining
osis condition
acr word root for extremities
hypo prefix to under
algia pain
cardialgia pain in the heart
centesis surgical puncture
cardiocentesis surgical puncture of heart
megaly enlargement
cardiomegaly enlarged heart
endo within
intra pertaining to the interior
peri around
endocardium with in the heart
pericardial sac surrounds the heart
an absence of
dys difficult or painful
poly more than normal
anuria absence of urine
dysuria painful or difficult urination
polyuria excessive amount of urine
my muscle
pathy disease
electric pertaining to electrical properties
lymph lymph nodes
Aden gland
lymphadenopathy any disease of the lymph nodes
cardiomyopathy any disease affects structure and function of heart
gram record
cardiogram record of hearts activity
leuk white
word root basic foundation of a word
prefix attached directly to beginning of word
suffix word ending
combining vowel usually an o, sometimes an i
compound word combining form +word root+suffix
does not need a vowel for attachment to root prefix
requires a combining vowel for attachment when it begins with a consonant suffix
a word can not end with this word element combining form
component parts of words word word roots, prefixes, suffixes, and combining vowels and combining vowels
Created by: rose phillips