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Bones - Lesson 2

Bones of the Lower Extremity

In the embryonic phase, the pelvic girdle is made up of 3 different bones. What are they? Ilium, ishium and pubis
Is the sacrum part of the pelvic girdle or the spinal column? Spinal column
The head of what bone sits in the acetabulum? Femur
The ilium is the most inferior bone in the pelvic girdle, true or false? False, it is the most superior.
The "sits bones" are called what? Ischial Tuberosities
The 2 pubic bones are collectively called what? The pubis
The femur articulates distally with what bones? patella and tibia
The femur slants in which direction, medially or proximally? medially, especially more prominently in women due to their wider hips.
What is the largest sesamoid bone in the body? The patella (kneecap)
What is the shin bone? Tibia
The fibula is larger or smaller than the tibia? Smaller
What involvement does the fibula have with the knee joint? None
How many bones are in each ankle and foot? 28
What are the main functions of the foot? Provide stability to the body, generate propulsion, absorb shock
During massage therapy, what type of exercises help keep the tarsal bones mobile? Range of motion
What is another name for the big toe? Hallux
List the 3 bony points that are in contact with the ground on the bottom of your foot. 1) Calcaneal tuberosity 2) head of the first metatarsal 3) the head of the fifth metatarsal
What is an exercise you can do to help prevent or repair fallen arches? pick up marbles or rocks with your toes
Name one of the three arches of the foot: 1) medial longitudinal arch 2) lateral longitudinal arch 3) transverse arch
What is the longest, heaviest, strongest bone in the body? femur
What is the largest sesamoid bone in the body? Patella
When we are children, where are most of our red blood cells produced? the femur
On which bone is the greater sciatic notch located? Ilium
Through which pelvic bone does the sciatic nerve pass? Ilium
Where do most feroral fractures occur? Femoral neck
On which bone is the medial malleolus located? Tibia
Where does the transverse arch lie? across all metatarsals
Which bones make up the lateral longitudinal arch of the foot? calcaneus, cuboid and lateral metatarsals IV and V
On which metatarsal are there sesamoid bones on the planatar side? Metatarsal I
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