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Lymphatic review

when do you stop calling it tissue fluid and callit lymph when it enters the lymph vessels
collects tissue fluid from intercelluar spaces lymph capillaries
prevents back flow valves
contracts to keep fluids moving thru the vessels Smoth muscle layer
vessle formed by the union of lymph vessels from lower body cistena chyi
empties lymph from lower body into the left subclavian vein Thoracic Duct
empties lymph from right upper quadrent into the right subclavian Right Lympathatic Duct
Lymph tissue creates two kinds of WBC Monocytes , Lymphocytes
modes and nodules are made of lympatic tissue which produces two kinds of WBC called Lymphocytes, Momocytes
If a cell is fixed it is not moving
fixed cells lymph noeds and nodules that produce antibodies are called Plasma Cells
lymph nodes can be found along the pathways of lymph vessels and below the epitheliun of all mucus membrane false
fixed cells that phagocytize pathogens are called macrophages
there is a mechanism in hyour extremities that assists the movement of lymph through the vessels by compression Skeletal Muscle Pump
the speleen produces RBCs which after birth is taken over by the Red Bone Marrow
the spleen produces two kind of WBC's Lymphocyets and Monocytes
the macrophages of the spleen are also called RE Cells (reticuleoendothelail)
the phagocytized RBC to from what compound that is excreted by the liver Bilirubin
T Cells are named by what WBC that is produced by the thymus lymphocytes
The ability to fight off pathogens now and in the future Immunity
Immunity inbolbed in a type of lymphocytes that become very specific to a foreigh antigen these are called T Cells & B Cells
Antibodies and molecules are made up of what proteins and called Gamma Globulins or Immune Globulins
antigens are chemical makers that identify a cell as one of two things self or non self
natural killer cells are believed to eliminate foreign cells by damaging the membrane of cells
if you are fecovering from a disease, this would provide you with Natural immunity
antibodies produced within ones self are Active immunity
antibodies acquired from another source are Passive immunity
some animal viruses do not cause diseases in people because we have Genetic immunity
what type of immunity will last a lifetime because it is programmed into your DNA Genetic immunity
the first antibodoy response is slow with small response true
this means the immune system is working properly immunocompetience
antibodies are classified at location and flunction lgG respond to invasions of bacteria & fungi lgA found in secretions-lgD found in serum tissue
if you don't have enough T cells because of the presents of HIV you are more susceptible to specific infections that are called Opportunistic Infections
if you were going to be tested for HIV what two lab tests would be done ELISA & WESTERN BLOT
what common disease causes the spleen to enlarge and patient should avoid activities that might cause a blow to the obdomen that would cause the spleen to rupture MONO
what viruses cause hairy leukoplakia EBSTEIN BARR
ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura)acquired disorder resulting from isolated deficiency of what Platelets
STILLS DISEASE is another name for Juvenile Rheumathoid Arthritis(JRA)
acquired B Cell deficiency resulting in a absence of antibody production CVID
is a group of disorders causing an absence of T&B cells SCID
chronic inflammatory autoimune disease with usual antibodies targeting body tissue SLE
failure to produce the normal levels of igA severe B cell difeciency X-Link Agammaglobuloinemia
congenital conditions resulting in small or absent thymus. abnormal development of pharygeal pouch DiGEORGE Anomaly
congenital disorder with inadequate B&T cells tendency to bleen caused by reduced number of platelets WISKOTT-ALDRICH SYNDROME
presence of antibodies directed against an antigen in the glomerular basement membrane causeing blood in urine,. renal disorder GOODPASURE SYNDROME
chronic progressive disease with sclerosis of the skin & may have organ scarringq SCLERODERMA
Autoimmune disease with inflammation in various gland, glands that produce tears and saliva, causes drly mouth and different parts of the body including kedneys and lungs SJOGREN SYNDROME
inflammation of the CNS, myelin sheath covering the nerves causing scarring that debilitates the nerves MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS
chronic progressive neuromuscular disease possible from auto antibodies to the acetylcholine receptor having exreme muscular weakness without atrophy difficult swallow, gaging, choke, vision problems MYASTHENIS GRAVIS
systemic progressive inflammation affecting the spinal column ANKLYLOSING SPONDYYLITIS
inflammation of the skeletal muscle fibers usually those of the trunk also called idiopathic inflammatory myopathy POLYMYOSITIS
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