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Chapter 3 (Sham)

Need to know for Exams: Chapter 3 {Holy Spirit}

Looking at reality from God's point of view. Involved praying before making decisions and seeking guidence from those with more experiance. Wisdom
Taking the time to uncover the deeper meanings of faith and the mysteries of God's magnificent creation. Understanding
The grace to see how God is working in our lives especially in the areas of great moral decision. Knowledge
Helps us to form our conscience in light of Church teaching. We do this by praying and consulting other people before deciding on moral issures. Counsel (RIGHT JUDGEMENT)
The strength to follow our own convictions in the face of peer pressure. It also involves openness to suddering for the Lord. Courage
Respect we show to the Lord through praise and worship. Respecting the dignity and worth of others is another imprtant expression of this gift. Piety (REVERANCE)
The gift of the spirit that helps us to show concern about the reality of sin in our life and to avoid anything that might alienate us from God. Fear of the Lord
Theophany An appearance or manifestation of God to humans.
Paraclete Another name for the Holy Spirit that means advocate, defender or consoler.
What are the fruis of the Holy Spirit? charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, generosity, faithfulness, modesty, self-control, and chastity.
Explain the 3 ways the Holy Spirit is active in Jesus' life. 1) filled Mary the mother of Jesus and allowed her to say YES to will of God. 2)at Jesus' bapstism by John - led into the desert and sustained him 3)helped him preach and perform miracles 4) Entered world @ crucifixion w/ water n blood after death
Ruah wind (how the Holy Spirit moves)
How is the Holy Spirit present active today? 1) The scriptures which he inspired 2) Sacred Traditio 3) The Sacraments both words and symbols 4)Prayer (which he constantly intercedes 4 us) 5) The saints 6)The gifts that build up the church.
What are the three divine missions of the Triniy? 1) Substance: God is one being 2)Person: The distinction between Father, Son and Holy Spirit Relation: Designating the relationship between the father, son and holy spirit.
What are the symbols of the Holy Spirit? 1) Finger of God 2) Water 3)Tounges of Fire 4)Cloud and Light 5)Hand 6) Fire 7)Annointing with Oil 8)Dove
This symbok says the divine law is written on our hearts. FINGER OF GOD
This symbol represents the Holy Spirit because f the connection to Baptism which brings about new life in Christ and our rebirth to eternal life. Water
This symbol manifests that the Holy Spirit helps us to speak the truth and to proclaim Jesus to others. Tounges of Fire
This reveals the saving God, yet veils the divine glory. Cloud and Light
This symbol is usedin the sacraments to signify the giving of the Holy Spirit. Jesus healed through touch as well as his apostles in his name. Hand
This symbol represents the transforming energy of the Holy Spirit. This encourages us to burn with love for others. Fire
This symbol used in baptism, conirmation and Holy Orders, leaves an indelible mark upon us and we are anointed ones for Christ. Anointing with Oil
This symbol brings to mind God's Spirit HOVERING over creation. This symbol also signifies gentelness, virtue, and peace-gifts we receive when we are in union with the Holy Spirit. Dove
Created by: cowluvr14
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