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6th Religion 12/1

Mr. Stickler's 6th grade Religion test flash cards.

What does the color violet signify during Advent? Waiting & joyful expectation. (156)
What does "Immanuel" mean? "With us is God." (156)
What does the Jesse Tree symbolize? It presents the story of God's love & action in the lives of his people throughout the centuries. (158)
What are the candles of the Advent wreath representing? Faith, hope, love, salvation, & peace.
What does the word "Advent" mean? "Coming."
What do we wait for that is "coming" during Advent? The birth of Jesus Christ. (156)
Why is Advent important to the Liturgical calendar? It signifies the start of the Church year (a new Liturgical year has started).
How did Isiah describe Jesus' coming in the Old Testament? As a "suffering servant" coming. IS 53:11
How did the Son of God "become man"? What had to happen first? Mary accepted God's will & agreed to bear the Christ child. (56)
What does the word "gospel" mean? It's the good news about God at work in Jesus Christ. (57)
What do the Sacraments do for Catholics? Join Catholics around the world with Christ & with one another.
What is "grace"? Our sharing in God's life & friendship. (57)
Who instituted the Sacraments? Jesus. (57)
Who were the 4 "Church fathers" of the Old Testament? Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, & Joseph. (68)
What is a "patriarch"? A father or founder of a clan." (68)
Whose story is told in Genesis? The patriarchs and their families.
How did the patriarch's families live? They lived in tents, raised flocks, & roamed through Canaan. (68)
How did these people survive? They grew crops and they traded with others. (68)
What was the purpose of a walled city? The walled city was the center of life in an area (like castles or manor houses in Medieval England). (68)
What is "faith"? A gift from God that enables us to believe in him & accept all that he has revealed. (69)
Which of the Old Testament patriarchs is sometimes called our "Father in Faith"? Abraham, because he was willing to give his only son to God in sacrifice. (70)
What does the word "angel" mean? "Messenger". (71)
What is a "birth right"? The natural right to inherit the father's property. (73)
What is a "pharoah"? The name for the king of Egypt. (74)
"God's plan for - and protection of - all creation is called ______________. Providence.
What is a "cinquain"? A 5 - line poem.
Name two things you can do when you get angry? 1.) Let go of your anger and forgive the person; 2.) Pray for God's help in talking to the person about it, or, any other suggestion to let go of your anger in a positive way.
What does Abrahams's journey symbolize for us? It symbolizes our faith journey. (70)
The story of Noah is the story of another person who God made a ________________ with. Covenant. (60)
How did murder come into existence? When Cain killed Abel. (58)
What were the effects of original sin? To separate man from God.
How can having an anger management plan help us in our lives? By having the plan already thought out, it will be easier to implement it if you do get angry.
Created by: sticklerpjpII



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