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Medical Roots S-T

Word Parts

MeaningWord Part
sense of smell -osmia
sense of taste -geusia
separation dis-, -lysis
sheath vagin/p
sigmoid colon sigmoid/o
simulating -mimetic
skin derm/o, dermat/o
skull crani/o
sleep somn/o, somn/i, hypn/o
slow brady-
small micro-
sodium natri
softening malacia
sound son/o, acous, acus, cus
specialist -ian, -ician, -ist, -iatrist, -logist
speech -phasia, -lalia
sperm, spermatozoa sperm/i, spermat/o
spinal column vertebr/o
spinal cord myel/o
spine rachi/o
stain chrom/o, chomat/o
stapes staped, stapedi/o
staphylococcus staphyl/o
starch amyl/o
stomach gastr/o
stone lith
stoppage stasis
straight ortho-
streptococcus strept/o
structure morph/o
study of -logy
stupor narc/o
sugar glyc/o, -ose
suppression stasis
surgical creation of an opening -stomy
surgical fixation -pexy
surgical removal -ectomy
surgical repair -rhaphy
suture -rhaphy
sweat hidr/o, idr/o
swelling edema
synovial joint, synovial membrane synov/i
tap centesis
tear dacry/o, lacrim/o
teeth dent/o, denti, odont/o
temperature therm/o
tendon ten/o, tendin/o
testis test/o, orchid/o, orchi/o
thalamus thalam/o
thick pachy-
thorax thorac/o
three tri-
thrombocyte thrombcyt/o
through dia-, per-, trans-
thymus gland thym/o
thyroid thyr/o, thyroid/o
time chron/o
tissue hist/o, histi/o
tissue death necrosis
toe dactyl