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Chabner Chap 21/22Q

Chapter 21 & 22 Quiz

Morphine Analgesic
Beta-Blocker Cardiovascular
Drugs that relax without necessarily producing sleep sedatives
Drugs used to relieve pain, induce sleep, and supress cough Analgesics
Drug that widens blood vessels vasodilator
drug that reduces blood pressure antihypertensive
drug that strengthens the force and efficiency of the heartbeat digoxin
drug that narrow a blood vessel vasoconstrictor
drug that prevents chest pain due to ischemia antianginal
drug that reduces lipids in blood cholesterol-lowering drug
drug that promotes excretion of urine, lowering blood pressure diuretic
harmful effects of a drug toxicity
exaggerated hypersensitivity reaction to previously encountered drug or foreign protein anaphylaxis
drug that produces vomiting emetic
resembling mania, but not as severe: hypomania
no loyalty or concern for others; without moral standard antisocial
lack of responsiveness to others; preoccupied with self autism
the outward expression of emotion, or emotional response affect
sexual arousal that requires unusual and bizarre behavior delusional disorder
depressive episodes but not of intensity of major depression dysthymia
amnesia with fleeing from customary surroundings dissociative fugue
drug that is administered by mouth orally
aer/o air
alges/o sensitivity to pain
pyret/o fever
antipsychotic tranquilizer phenothiazines
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