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Med. Term. 20

Medical Terminology Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms "T"

tachy- fast
tact/o- touch
tampon/o- stop up
tard/o- late; slow
tars/o- ankle
tax/o- coordination
techn/o- technical skill
tele/o- distance
tempor/o- temple (side of the head)
tendin/o- tendon
tendon/o- tendon
ten/o- tendon
tens/o- pressure; tension
terat/o- bizarre form
termin/o- end; boundary
testicul/o- testis; testicle
test/o- testis; testicle
tetr/a- four
thalam/o- thalamus
thanat/o- death
thec/o- sheath; layer of membranes
theli/o- cellular layer
then/o- thumb
therapeut/o- therapy; treatment
therap/o- treatment
-therapy treatment
therm/o- heat
thorac/o- thorax (chest)
-thorax thorax (chest)
thromb/o- thrombus (blood clot)
thym/o- thymus; rage
thyr/o- shield-shaped structure (thyroid gland)
thyroid/o- thyroid gland
tibi/o- tibia (shin bone)
-tic pertaining to
till/o- pull out
-tion a process; being or having
toc/o- labor and childbirth
toler/o- to become accustomed to
-tome instrument used to cut; area with distinct edges
tom/o- cut; slice; layer
-tomy process of cutting or making an incision
ton/o- pressure; tone
tonsill/o- tonsil
-tope place; position
topic/o- a specific area
-tor person or thing that produces or does
tort/i- twisted position
-tous pertaining to
toxic/o- poison; toxin
tox/o- poison
trabecul/o- trabecula (mesh)
trache/o- trachea (windpipe)
trac/o- visible path
tract/o- pulling
tranquil/o- calm
trans- across; through
transit/o- change over from one thing to another
transmitt/o- to send across or through
transplant/o- move something to another
traumat/o- injury
tremul/o- shaking
-tresia opening or hole
tri- three
trich/o- hair
triglycerid/o- triglyceride
-tripsy process of crushing
-triptor thing that crushes
trochanter/o- trochanter
trochle/o- structure shaped like a pulley
-tron instrument
troph/o- development
-trophy process of development
trop/o- having an affinity for; stimulating; turning
tubercul/o- nodule; tuberculosis
tuber/o- nodule
tuberos/o- knoblike projection
tub/o- tube
tubul/o- tube; small tube
turbin/o- scroll-like structure; turbinate
tuss/o- cough
-ty quality or state
tympan/o- tympanic membrane (eardrum)
-type particular kind of; a model of
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